Outlook Email Login | How to Check Work Email from Home

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email service providers developed by Microsoft. However, outlook mail does not act only as an email service provider for personal needs but also for professional needs. Work continues even after closing hours.

Most professional users use their outlook as a platform for interacting with clients and getting job assignments. More and more people still find it necessary to check work emails from home. And you may be able to connect to your work email server using the outlook web app.

 How to Check Work Email from Home

How can I check my Work Email if it is on Outlook?

Working from home might be important to you to keep up with workflow and reduce your bulk of work while at home. The challenge you might be facing is how to gain access to your work outlook email from home. We will surely help you with the steps so that you can get started with doing that job at home.

  • To have access to your work email from home, you have to first confirm with your company’s IT department that it is allowed to do so.
  • Your IT department can help point you in the right direction for accessing your company’s server.
  • Find out which Microsoft product supports your company’s outlook app. Crosscheck to know if it is office 365 or an Exchange server.
  • Visit the login page for your company service
  • Log in with your full details including; username and password
  • And once the details checks out, you can access your account.
  • Then open your inbox folder
  • Once your mailbox is open, you can view, compose and reply message from other mail clients and websites.

Alternatively, you can check your work mail:

  • By first contacting your company’s IT department
  • Once you determine what Microsoft product your company uses
  • click the file menu and direct info
  • click the ADD ACCOUNT button
  • Then enter your work email after logging in. Then you can send messages using outlook client.

If you need to access your email on your desktop, then you need to install it on your computer using some configuration access which will be provided by the company’s IT department. You can access your email by replacing webmail@domainname with your work website.

Then you will have to log in your username and password to access your work email. However one of the problems you might encounter while is using this method is not being able to see old emails that outlook has saved for you in your work platform. And also you will not be able to see the replies you sent using your work outlook platform.

Now you can work comfortably from home without having to worry about gaining access to your work email.

Outlook Email Login

Once you have set up your outlook account, it is quite easy to gain access to your account using your log in details. To login simply:

  • Visit Microsoft outlook login page
  • Enter your Username or email address
  • Enter your password
  • And then click the SIGN IN button to log in.

Or you can access it through your outlook app on your mobile device.

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