Microsoft Power BI – The Microsoft Power BI desktop Tool

The urgent need by various organizations for data collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information gave rise to Microsoft’s Power BI suite. The Microsoft Power BI tool provides organizations with interactive visualizations which has business intelligence capabilities. This tool helps decision-makers and businesses thrive. It also enables them to create business reports on their own without depending on additional staff. This Microsoft tool gives business analytics insights to the organizational operations which inform their decision-making. This technology is designed to handle large amounts of structured/unstructured data. And also, this, in turn, gives organizations insights to identify and create new strategic business opportunities.

The tool is adaptable for multidisciplinary use. The Microsoft business tool is available for analysts, business users, I.T personnel, and developers both in desktop and mobile platforms.

Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI desktop

The tool helps users create an aggregate of queries, data connections, and reports which can easily be shared with other members of the organization. The Microsoft power BI desktop integrates other Microsoft services in data modeling, visualizations, and query engines. Also, the Microsoft power BI desktop allows users to easily access tools which will help them manipulate data and develop a robust business model with detailed reports. This tech has already proven to be very useful to lots of businesses around the globe.

How power BI desktop works

This innovative tool connects business owners to their data and gives them access to shape and reshape. This data is used to build business models and create reports. After which you can then easily save in a power BI desktop file format. The power BI service allows the user to save and share the report. And also, the power BI desktop can easily be downloaded from the Power BI service site.

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Microsoft Power BI

The Power BI mobile app

The BI service, however, works on multiple mobile devices and operating systems resources. And also, you can easily connect it to your data on the go via the power BI mobile apps. It works on iOS, Android and windows 10 devices. You can use the Microsoft Intune to manage the BI mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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In conclusion, the Microsoft Power BI is already proving to be a very vital business tool for business growth. It is now being used by top business organizations worldwide like Rolls-Royce, Meijer supermarket, and some foundations. The technology allows you to create a personalized unique dashboard with a total view of your business. On the other hand, this gives you total access to your data and top notch report of your business activities.

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