Cortana Windows 10 – Your Intelligent Personal Microsoft Assistant

Cortana Windows 10 is a current feature created by Microsoft as a windows 10 assistant for users. It is a personal Microsoft assistant that works with voice recognition. In times past, we have heard about things similar to this like; Google assistant and Siri but we now have it on Windows 10. As the world gradually moves into the appreciation of AI (Artificial Intelligence), every tech company is also working toward not being left behind on this. Cortana Windows 10 is your own windows assistant that is available to make sure all your daily activities are in check by keeping you informed of recent happenings all around you. Am sure you are curious to know what Cortana can do.

cortana windows 10

Features of Cortana Windows 10

This voice-activated personal assistant is a package with a whole lot even beyond what you imagined an assistant can do. Access to Cortana is enabled. That is, it requires you as the user permitting it to function for you. I will talk about this in the latter part of this article. The features of Cortana Windows 10 are as follows;

  • Calculation and Conversion of quantities and measurements
  • Web search with the aid of search engines
  • Song Identification
  • Setting of remainders
  • Tracking of packages
  • Tracking of flight
  • Weather Forecast
  • Program launching
  • Chat with responses given as output
  • Location of places
  • Sending of emails
  • Then calendar creations for events
  • Getting help

These are a lot of things but interestingly, the Windows Cortana does even more. As an assistant, it becomes your friend and can even tell you jokes and help you search out certain files you may be in need of. Cortana is a great tool to plan your day and to even go through your day. My advice for all Windows 10 users is not to miss out on the use of this virtual personal assistant.

How To Turn on Hey Cortana on Windows 10

As said earlier, Cortana must be enabled before it can work. This certainly shows you It is possible to turn it on and off on your personal computer (PC). Hey Cortana can be turned on just by these laid down procedures;

  • Open Cortana by pressing ‘S’ and windows key at the same time
  • Under the house icon, click on the displayed notebook icon on the left-hand side of your screen
  • Tap ‘Settings’
  • Select the on or off switch

And that is how you get your Hey Cortana started in just a jiffy.

How To Reinstall Cortana in Windows 10

You may certainly haven’t know the use of Cortana and for this cause, you have uninstalled the package on your Windows 10. Now, you know and I know you want it back. Installing Cortana again on your Windows 10 must follow these steps;

  • Press windows button &‘X’ simultaneously and then A to open up the elevated command prompt window
  • Click and type ‘enter’ to display an elevated PowerShell prompt
  • In one line, run the command

That is how you can reinstall your Cortana Windows 10 package on your personal computer.

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