Facebook Messenger Chess Game | How to Play Chess on Messenger

Facebook Messenger Chess Game – Chess is one of the old strategy games the world has been enjoying for long. It comes as a very mentally challenging game that makes the players think of their moves and how to kill the king of their opponents.

Facebook messenger chess game comes as a way to allow players to play with their friends online through the Facebook messenger platform.

The Facebook messenger chess game was created with the Facebook game room idea in which players can come together in a game room and challenge each other and play games with each other. They used the game room idea as a way to allow gamers to interact with each other and make new friends with each other.

Facebook Messenger Chess Game

Features of Facebook Messenger Chess Game

The Facebook messenger chess game is quite different from most online chess games on the internet; Facebook chess game comes with a significantly different look from the other chess games it comes with a bright theme for the home page, and it allows players to interact with each other without any stress.

The major features of the Facebook messenger chess game are:

  • It allows interactive gaming: Facebook messenger chess allows for interactive gaming with other users challenges each other’s high score and try to beat each other’s high scores. Also, it also allows for smooth conversations on the platform for players that are playing the Facebook messenger chess game.
  • It is easy to set up: setting up the Facebook messenger chess game isn’t as complicated as setting up online games in some other platforms, for instance setting up call of duty online has a lot of issues it disconnects at frequently but such problems don’t happen to Facebook messenger chess.

Facebook messenger chess is very unique and allows for the players to socialize and at the same time play games online with friends. It also allows for them to Show their intellectual skills by defeating their friends online.

Facebook Messenger Chess Game

How to Set Up Facebook Messenger Chess Game

Setting up Fb chess is a bit easy, although the game was a secret chess game built directly into Facebook’s chat function and Messenger app.

Simply open up a conversation with a friend and type “@fbchess play” to start a game.

The steps to set up Facebook messenger chess games are:

  1. Open browser
  2. login https://m.facebook.com/login
  3. Login into existing Facebook account
  4. For users  without a Facebook account
  5. Click on sign up account
  6. Insert  first name and surname
  7. Insert  phone number
  8. Select users  gender and  birthday date
  9. Choose new password
  10. After  registration of the account
  11. Select on the messenger icon
  12. It would redirect you to App Store
  13. Download the messenger application from the App Store
  14. Login into the application with Facebook user and password
  15. Open chat or messenger and play a chess game with friends.

After the successful registration of the Facebook account enjoys playing Facebook messenger chess games with friends and families worldwide.

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