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Gmail spam filter is a very important and thanks to google also now handy tool to help you block email from an unwanted sender. Some people receive hundreds of emails a day most of which are unsolicited messages and ads. Although Gmail has an inbuilt spam management system, you might still get some unwanted emails. Ever noticed getting messages from former project partners even though you’re no longer part of the team? Or maybe you were subscribed to a particular newsletter but now you’d like to get off it. There are lots of scenarios that apply to this, thus, the need to learn How to block spam emails on Gmail.

Unwanted emails come from either a known contact or unknown contact (maybe ads). The Google spam filter which comes with every Gmail account categorizes the messages that come to your box. Mine, for example, is categorized into three; primary, social and promotions. There’s also a Gmail spam folder where Google’s proprietary Gmail spam blocker automatically moves messages it detects as spam. This is done to ensure you get only the relevant messages in your primary box. However, the categorizing is done by a machine and of course, you can’t truly expect 100% accuracy. Some unwanted messages still come to your primary box and those ones would require you to personally block it.

Gmail spam filter is pretty much easy to use and works perfectly as it stores all filtered message in the spam folder. This is wise because in the future you might want to refer to that same message you deemed spam now. You can also report phishing email from online scams, Google provides a special option for that. This article will try to show you all the available options for you so let’s dig in.

How to block spam emails on Gmail

  • Gmail spam filter for certain senders:

Google spam filter has made blocking emails from a specific sender very easy. To do this, open a message from that sender you want to block. Now, click the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of the Gmail window. Among the options, you’ll see “Block ‘followed by Sender’s Name’” click it and complete the process. If in the future you have a reason to unblock that same sender, follow the same process. However, this time click “Unblock ‘sender name’”.

Gmail spam filter

  • You can also automatically filter emails in Gmail from a particular sender. This is done by clicking the arrow on the search box which will display an advanced Gmail search box.

In the box type the name of the sender and click “Create Filter Button” which will open another window where you select the particular filtering action you want to apply. See the image below.

  • There’s also an option to block unwanted group emails although some messages like this come with the “Unsubscribe” option. Google also has its own “Unsubscribe” option and provides a way for you to handle multiple messages at once. You can search for all messages with the “Unsubscribe” option within the Gmail search box. Mark them and click the drop-down where you can then select the email filter option to apply.

  • Report Spam messages option lets you flag and report phishing messages directly to Google. Phishing messages from online scammers violate Google’s Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use. These messages are harmful to users and are handled specially by Google. An example is messages claiming to be a seller of one product or the other but when you purchase it you never receive it. You can report such fraudulent message through this Gmail form.


Knowledge of Gmail spam filter and How to block spam emails on Gmail will save you a lot of unnecessary stress. It’ll help you reduce the number of unsolicited messages you get. Especially when you use your email address for important business. To further secure your Email, you might want to check out our article on How to Send Encrypted Email. Finally, securing your email from spam and prying eyes is a good idea which I believe you agree with since you are here. Take the necessary steps now to ensure the safety of your Gmail account.

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