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Top Rated 3D Printers 2021 – 3D printers have gone through a series of changes, lots of features have been added to it, making it even more sought after and expensive. But since lots of industries joined into the competition of producing 3D printers, the price has fallen.

However, when you spend less on a 3D printer, it means you are going for something unreliable and inaccurate. So, how do you purchase a good printer when you have a low budget? There are, of course, great printers under $500 that can do a great printing job for you.

Selecting the best printers on a low budget can be quite a difficult decision to make. Well, we will help you with a list of printers under $500 for you to check out and decide which you want to go for.

Top Rated 3D Printers

Top Rated 3D Printers Under $500 2021

  1. MONOPRICE MINI VAN 2: This printer is reliable, has a sturdy construction, and is produced by Monoprice. It has great customer support in case you run into any problem while using the printer. This printer is quite easy to use at its price, and it has a lot of great features too. It prints with Polylactic acid which is a safe and environmentally friendly material.
  2. Creality3D: This printer has a large build volume, fairly rigid construction, quick and easy removal. However, you have to set up the printer yourself before use. It has stability features such as the magnetic build surface it comes with. Also, you can easily remove the printer process print. This printer is available on Amazon at $339.
  3. MONOPRICE MP MAKER PRO: With this printer, you can print large objects while using wide range of materials, and you don’t have to spend much buying this printer. This printer is, of course, rich in features, it has a touchscreen interface, massive build volume, flexible materials, automatic calibration; lots and removal magnetic bed. However, its maximum print speed is slow, and its community is quite small in case to ask other questions about the printer. This printer is available at $400 at both Walmart and Amazon.
  4. ANYCUBIC CHIRON: Anycubic Chiron can print using wide range of filaments, and comes with TPU, PLA, HIPS, wood, APS, and is one of the best printers within this price range. This printer has great features like automatic print resume after power outage, built-in TFT touchscreen interface and filament detection. And it is available at $499.99 on Amazon.
  5. ELEGOO MARS: Elegoo Mars is a Resin 3D printer that goes for under $500. Resin printers are usually very expensive, but due to the fall in price, you can now get this Elegoo mars cheaper.
  6. ADDITIVE3D ASIA: This printer is nice for beginners, and it is equally quite easy to use. It creates quite nice detailed models and has great impacts on end product when its settings are adjusted well.
  7. FLASHFORGE FINDER: Flshforge finder, unlike most other 3D printers, is very quiet. So if you need a printer that does not make a loud noise while printing then you should go for this. It has a PLA filament, close-in plate to make it easy for you to remove models. It also assists in leveling system to help you set a perfect leveling surface before printing.


It should not be a surprise that 3D printers are now available at these prices; this is so because there is so much competition in the market. Also, lots of 3D printers are now in production thus leading to a fall in price. So, you can afford to get a 3D printer even on a low budget.

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