Top USA Schools with Accredited Online Doctoral Programs in Business

Accredited Online Doctoral Programs in Business – Being a professional in what you do is essential; getting the necessary degrees in your field is equally important. However, when you don’t have the time to juggle both going to school and running your business or everyday life, how do you go about it?

Well, there are online programs for Business administration, and you can sign up for such programs online and get the schoolwork done online at your own time.

A doctorate program is the highest level of education you can in the Business administration field, and who wouldn’t want to miss out on that because of lack of time or space. At the same time, there are online programs available for you to complete your studies with ease.

Business administrators are important in the economic world, and as the economy grows, so does this field grow.

As long as finance, trade, and commerce matter in the U.S, there would always be a need for Business administrators to help guide corporations and businesses in future business decisions and operations. So, gaining a Ph.D. in this field definitely means preparing yourself for a quite big opportunity.

What’s up with Online Ph.D. Programs in Business?

Top executives in their companies or professional business owners may decide to further their education and stay ahead in their field; this is where online business school comes.

You probably need to run your business or your company and not leave it all behind for school; this is why there are online Ph.D. programs in Business administration. Getting your doctorate program done online is as legit as getting done offline and in any classroom.

Getting your degree online means you get to study for your degree while handling your business needs. Your needs to run your business are taken into consideration when you study online, so why go to the classroom when you can study from home and run your business too?

Studying in a classroom can be time-consuming or might interrupt your everyday life flow or distract your needs to attend to your business; this might make it a rather wrong choice for you.

Now, you can take online doctorate programs right from your home or office without it disrupting your everyday life flow or running your business. There are many business doctorate programs online that you can register, however registering with the best is a good option.

So, how do you know the best online doctorate program online? Well, that’s why we are here, to tell you what you need to know.

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Top Accredited Online Ph.D. Programs in Business

This list can help you select the online doctorate program to go for your Ph.D. degree in Business.

Accredited Online Doctoral Programs in Business
Accredited Online Doctoral Programs in Business

Baruch College

Baruch College is a public research university located in Manhattan and a member of the City of the University of New York. Zicklin School of business, which is part of this institution, offers an Executive Doctorate in business especially desired for top executives with more than seven years’ experience in the field. The executives are allowed to spend 25 hours per semester due to the time-demanding factor in their lives as executives.

Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska

Creighton University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Association of Schools and colleges.

Creighton University offers online doctorate programs in business that is a 54 credit hour program, and the students needed for this program are people with MBA from accredited schools. The college offers coursework in accounting research and innovative business pedagogy.    

University Of South Florida

This school offers an online doctorate program in business and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commissions on Colleges.

Interested individuals with a Master’s degree or bachelor’s degree from an approved business school can sign up for the program. University Of South Florida’s online business program is a 72 credit hour that included coursework in Linear Statistical Models and qualitative research.

Oklahoma State University

This school offers an online degree program in business, and it has an exclusive Ph.D. program in business specially designed for executives.

Its coursework topics include qualitative and quantitative mixed methods, Innovation, creativity, research methods, micro, and macro organizational issues, and others.

Florida International University

The Florida International University business school offers a doctorate program in business for senior-level working professionals. The program takes up to three years to complete and provides space for students to run their business while taking online courses for their doctorate programs.

Temple University

Temple University offers an online doctorate program in business that is a 54-credit program. The Middle States Commission accredits the school in higher education, and it offers coursework in scientific inquiry through research and navigating the global market. The program is for individuals with at least seven years’ experience in senior management.

University Of Dallas

The University Of Dallas provides an online doctorate program in business that is a 61-credit program. The coursework includes strategic perspectives and agile organizations.

Regent University

The University offers an online doctorate program in business which is a 60-credit program. It offers concentrations on organizational leadership, entrepreneurial leadership, ecclesial leadership, human resource development, individualized leadership. To apply for this program, you need a master’s degree from an accredited higher institution.

University Of Missouri

University Of Missouri offers an online doctorate program that is a 60-credit program, and applicants are expected to hold an MBA from an accredited higher institution.

North Central University, San Diego

This University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission.

The school offers an online doctorate program in business for applicants with business-related master’s degrees. The business administration program is a 54-credit program that offers specializations in various areas, including general business and marketing.


Getting a doctorate online is as legit as getting it in a classroom; with online courses for your business program, you can easily get your degree online while running your business or handling other day-to-day activities.

A doctoral program in business from an Accredited Online school can take you to the top professional level of your field. So, when you are thinking about going for a degree program in business and looking for an easy way to handle both business and school, you should check out online courses by universities we have listed out.

With the level of technological advancements today, online programs are now welcome developments, and lots of schools have realized the importance of having their programs online. You can check out these universities and get your doctorate program started.

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