Apec Business Travel Card Review | Apec Business Travel Card Benefits | How to Apply For Apec Business Travel Card

Apec Business Travel Card Review – Moving from country to country conveniently for business purposes is what every international business traveler looks out for, but being a  business traveler requires a whole lot of spending on travel expenses and some inconveniences too.

The APEC Business Travel Card provides excellent services and offers for business travelers who are members of the APEC economies. In case you didn’t know APEC stands for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation which supports business relationships between 21 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Apec Business Travel Card Benefits and Review

If you are a Citizen of one of these counties then you are eligible to own this card but remember you ought to be a regular business traveler to enjoy the benefits of this credit card. So you can cut down on expenses, reduce inconveniences of immigration clearance at international airports and gain some bonuses for using this card.

So if you are a frequent international business traveler, this card is definitely a good option for you, and you simply need to take advantage of this travel program.

The credit card comes in handy for participating members of APEC, aids them in getting Visa or entry permits while traveling and saves up time for them.

The cardholders of APEC Business Travel Card can move between APEC economies with much ease and comfort. You can save up to $425 for the first year and earn $10 0n billion every year with this card.

You get 50% off on shopping and travel expenses. Also, you can make $75,000 bonus Qantas points on spending $2500 on eligible purchases. The business card costs $70 and lasts for five years. The card enables cardholders to fast track immigration procedures at airports thereby saving them time

Apec Business Travel Card Rates/Fees

  • Cardholders are not charged any fee for foreign transactions
  • There are penalty charges and fees for late payment
  • There is a balance transfer fee attached to the credit card
  • The APR rate is good
  • This credit card issuer does not charge a max advance fee.
  • There is no annual fee
Apec Business Travel Card Review

How to Apply For Apec Business Travel Card

You can apply for the card by filling the application form and mailing to respective address; then you can easily obtain your card. Or you can also apply online by:

  • Visiting the homepage of APEC Business Travel Card
  • Locate the login page
  • Provide your personal details and your payment details
  • Attach a photograph of yourself and the date in the form
  • Provide your passport details
  • Provide other required information
  • Read the declaration information given and provide declaration signature of the applicant
  • Read other details given in the application form

After reading the information mail the form to the address given. After applying, you can check your application status by calling at +656891 9671. You can activate your account for transactions by calling at +65-6891-9600

How to Log In Your Apec Business Travel Card Account

Accessing your account is as easy as visiting the APEC portal through an internet connected device

  • So visit the login page of APEC Business Travel Card
  • Provide your username and password
  • Click the login button to log in to your APEC business travel credit account.

How to Recover Your Password and Username

You can recover your password and username by:

  • Visiting the login page of the credit card
  • Click on the FORGOT ID link
  • Provide the accurate username information
  • Tap the SUBMIT button, and then you can log into your account.
How to Contact Apec Business Travel Card Customer Care Service

There is a 24/7 availability for their customer service center in case you have any inquiries from customers. You can contact them at +65-6891-9600, or you can visit the customer service page.

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