Applied Bank Credit Card Review – The applied bank is the issuer of Applied Bank Credit Card available for its customers. The credit card is another way Applied Bank has decided to modify the banking experiences of its customers. The online access gives customers the opportunity to monitor their accounts, make bill payments and view their transaction history.

When it comes to customer service, Applied Bank is one of the best in offering that. You probably want to take advantage of this offer if you are a customer of Applied Bank, why not if it’s worth it? We will give a review on this credit card to assist you in its use.

Applied Bank Credit Card Benefits and Review

If you are looking to finance your business, everyday expenses and manage your account in a smarter, faster and easier way, then this credit card is the right option for you.

Applied Bank Credit Card has other benefits attached to it apart from its excellent customer service. The annual fee of $125 is paid only in the first year of card use but is subsequently reduced to $15 starting from the second year.

You can also get $500 unsecured visa gold card for those with bad credit. The credit card is accepted in millions of locations all over the world, and there are no application fees attached to the card. Applied Bank credit card is mainly for individuals who have little chance of getting credit cards and does not have much rewards attached to its use.

But it is an excellent choice for poor individuals or people with bad credit. The minimum you can get on your credit line is $200, and the maximum is $1000 with this card. You can also get an unsecured card for bad credit. There are even ways of gaining cash back offer while using this card.

Applied Bank Credit Card Rates/Fee

It is essential to put into consideration the rates and fees attached to the use of a credit card, so you know the rates of the services.

  • There is no grace period for payment
  • The regular APR is 29.99%
  • There is no Intro APR on purchases
  • There are no balance transfers allowed
  • The annual fee attached to the card is $125 per year
  • Max late payment fee is up to $35
  • A fee of $100 is attached to increase of credit limit by users.
  • The foreign fee transactions are 3% of the transaction value and returned payment fee is $38
Applied Bank Credit Card Review

How to Apply For the Applied Credit Card

Application for this credit card can be easily done online from the comfort of your home or workplace; you don’t need to stress about visiting the bank to get it done. To apply online simply;

  • Visit the application homepage of the Applied bank
  • Locate the APPLY FOR THE CARD section on the page
  • You need to fill out your personal information with the right details
  • Then you select the kind of account you want in the next step
  • Then you can submit the application form for approval

You will get your credit card after approval, but approval takes up to 7 to 12 days. You can activate your credit card for transactions by calling at (877) 882-2213.

How to Login Your Applied Bank Credit Card Account

Your login details give you access to your account at any given time; you can perform a wide range of functions on your account just by using an internet connected device. You can easily login your account by:

  • Visiting the sign in page of Applied Bank
  • Locate the login section where you will need to;
  • Enter your username and password
  • Then tap the SIGN IN link below,

Then you can do what you wish with your account; you can update your personal info, sign up for alerts, enroll for auto payments, view transaction history, and other related services.

How to Recover Username and Password

Losing your login details doesn’t mean you have lost them forever. So do not worry because recovering them is easy

  • Visit the online account services page of the applied bank
  • To reset your password, fill in the required info and tap SUBMIT
  • To recover your username, call the technical help center.
How to Contact Customer Care Service

Finally, you can reach Applied Bank credit card support by calling at (800) 947-1090

Or you can send a mail to their address Applied Bank, PO Box 10165, Philadelphia, PA  19176-0165

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