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Best Movies on Netflix – Time to get comfy with tons of Netflix exciting movies. Whether you’re looking for documentaries, romantic films, or the latest comedy, Netflix got you covered.

Netflix is an American media service provider company which had turned out to be the world’s most leading online entertainment service with over a hundred million paid subscribers worldwide. Furthermore, the streaming giant has everything ranging from drama to comedy and guilty pleasure reality TV shows, all at an alarming rate.

Netflix offers users tons of movies; sometimes, you might not know what to watch depending on your mood but not to worry. Our team has done thorough research, and we’ve gotten best picks on the best movies on Netflix.

Best Movies on Netflix 2020

Five best Netflix movies 2020

Eventually, everyone leans on Netflix more than ever for a little entertainment or discoveries. Here are our teams’ best picks on Netflix movies;

  • Tiger king – if you hadn’t yet succumbed to the tiger king hype, now is the right time. The film follows a breeder and private zookeeper in Oklahoma. Through his various campaigns for office, polygamous marriage, music, videos, and crimes must indeed be seen to be believed. At the very least, the movie will take your mind off the news cycle for a few hours.
  • Back to the future – a movie directed by Robert Zemeckis, it’s one of the most iconic trilogies in cinematic history. It follows the story of a 17years old student who embarks on a journey 30years back in the past. With the help of a doctor, he manages to find a way back to the future without causing havoc to his past life. Furthermore, the movie is an ultimate feel-good time-traveling Blockbuster.
  • Dolemite is my name – a movie where Eddie Murphy played a Rudy Ray Moore role, as a washed-up musician who completely transformed himself into the 70’s Blaxploitation character Dolemite—becoming a cult star in the process.
  • Rosemary’s baby – This movie follows the story of Rosemary Woodhouse and her struggling actor husband, GUY. They moved into the Bradford, an old New York City building with only elderly residents and an eerie reputation. The character Rosemary becomes suspicious of neighbors and strange noises around the building. Then, after Guy scores a Broadway role, Rosemary had a horrifying dream of being raped by a beast. As she becomes increasingly isolated and sickened during her pregnancy. Rosemary begins to lose her mind as it becomes clear that this is no ordinary baby.
  • Zodiac the killer – zodiac the killer terrorized San Francisco in the ’60s and 70’s, the movie remains one of the most notorious uncaught criminals in history. Zodiac is a tense, gripping thriller with a superb direction from Fincher.

In conclusion, these are some top-rated movies currently on Netflix that everyone would definitely enjoy.

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