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Buy Swap Sell on Facebook – Facebook is now more than just a platform for viewing timelines and uploading photos; now, a lot of buying and selling activities are going on Facebook.

Lots of users take advantage of these buy, swap, and sell groups to promote their businesses, to connect with buyers and sellers and conduct business transactions with ease.

Now, if you are looking for where to meet your target audience, or sell any item of your choice, Facebook buy, swap & sell groups are right there for you.

Buyers visit buy, swap & sell groups to discover new items on sale and connect with sellers.

Buy Swap Sell on Facebook

How to Join Buy, Swap and Sell Groups on Facebook

There are lots of groups on FB where one could buy, swap & sell groups on Facebook but before you join any one you have to be sure it relates to your business type and ensure it is in your location.

People often want to do business with people they can easily reach, besides it makes it rather easy for you to transport items to buyers if they are in your location. Well, let’s show you how to join a buy, swap & sell group:

  • Search for buy, swap, and sell groups that operate within your location on the Facebook search box e.g. the Australian buy swap sell page
  • Select the right group from the list of search results that appear.
  • Just click JOIN GROUP and wait for membership approval from the group admin. After doing this, similar buy, swap, and sell groups will pop-up, and you can join more groups.
  • The ABOUT section is available for you to get an insight into the group and its members’ profiles too. You can go through this section to find out the business type, location, and other info before deciding to join the group.

How to Sell on Facebook Buy Swap and Sell Groups

Selling on these groups is quite easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below to start selling items on Facebook groups:

  • Click the menu icon on your Facebook page, then the GROUPS option. Now choose the buy and sell group you would like to sell in.
  • Afterward, tap on WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? Option at the top of the group, this option allows you to explain what you are selling to your audience.
  • Add the prices of the products you offer on your marketplace page.
  • Post listings to the buy and sell group and marketplace if you wish to sell your goods
  • Also, through the Sell menu, you can even post listings to other buy and sell groups you belong to on Facebook.
  • After adding the necessary info, click the BLUE POST button to post your listings.
  • You will be notified by Facebook of any comments or messages from interested buyers on the listing you posted.

How to Buy on Facebook Buy, Swap & Sell Groups

Buy and sell groups are quite similar to other Facebook groups; there’s nothing so confusing about using this group for buying items.

Buy, Swap & Sell groups have a title, the purpose of the group and the publisher defaults to sell something rather than start a conversation which differentiates them from other groups on Facebook.

As a buyer, you can purchase items with ease by following these steps:

  • You can check out a preview of the items on sale under the publisher.
  • Navigate to the page to check out recent listings; listings contain important info about the items on sale. Other sellers within the group post these listings.
  • You can also search the marketplace for specific items and even comment on posts to communicate with the seller and get more details about the listings of the items on the post.
  • You also have the option of connecting directly with the seller via the message option.
  • Finally, use the ‘ITEMS FOR SALE’ link in the left-hand menu to more goods available. From here, you can choose which item you want to buy, contact the seller and purchase the item directly from the seller.

Buy, Swap & Sell groups are good platforms for conducting buying and selling transactions. Just follow the steps we have shown you, and you can buy, sell & swap with ease on Facebook.

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