Force Quit Mac Apps – How to Force Quit Mac Applications

There are lots of circumstances that could prompt you to force quit mac applications on any Apple system. If apps become unresponsive for a long time, it only makes sense to get out of the deadlock and continue using your system. Another scenario might be that the app is refusing to accept inputs or maybe an error occurred while using the app. Although some of these situations resolve themselves, you might not have the time to wait for it. Most Operating system providers like windows provide handy shortcuts or keys to help users escape these situations. Apple is no different, force quit mac keys are available to achieve this. So this content walks you through all relevant Mac OS force quit keyboard shortcuts.

You don’t need to be an expert to do this as long as you have basic computer skill which is expected for most PC owners. So just read through and write it down if you must, however, it’s pretty much easy to remember.

How to Force Quit Mac Apps when Frozen

  1. Mac OS force quit keyboard shortcuts. To force quit mac apps easily via the keyboard, there are two options. One is to hit: “COMMAND + OPTION + ESCAPE” this combination of keys will bring up the “force quit applications window”. When the window pops up, you can then select the particular app and click the “force quit” button. It’s as simple as that and it’s also pretty much easy to remember. The second force quit mac key is a bit longer than the previous one. Hold downCOMMAND + OPTION + SHIFT + ESCAPE”. After a second or two, this will forcibly close the foremost app in your dock. Remember this option closes the foremost active app so if you have other apps open and may be minimized the particular app you want to close, the key command will simply close whatever active app it sees on the Mac. It’s swift and also easy to remember, try it to see.
  2. The next method we’ll consider is, force quit mac apps from the dock. To do this, right click on the particular app in your dock and select the “force quit” option. As you already guessed, this will immediately close the app.
  3. The next option to Mac OS force quit app is via the Apple menu. To do this, while holding the shift key, “click the Apple menu and select the force quit option”. This is another easy one, however, this option will not work if the app is unresponsive since the menus will be inaccessible.
  4. Using the activity monitor option. The activity monitor does the same job which the task manager does in Windows OS. It provides users the quit app tool in a broader platform. You can locate it via /Applications/Utilities/ or by clicking “Command+Space” and typing “Activity Monitor”. When the window opens, the unresponsive app(s) will appear in red, select it and hit the “Quit Process” button.Force Quit Mac Apps
  5. The terminal and kill command. This is like a last resort and more primitive than the others. It is a surefire way to forcibly close an app. It is done via the command prompt via the terminal. To do this, open the terminal and click the command and name or process id of the task you want to close. An example is: “Killall Chrome”, this will kill all instances of Chrome process running in your system.

Hope you found this article useful, you can also force quit unresponsive apps in your iPhone or iPad. The aim is to seamlessly use your Mac devices without hassle. Thanks for reading.

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