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The NVidia Shield TV specs are definitely amazing and with the latest version making it arguably the best Android TV with streaming packages. For those new to this amazing device, the Shield TV is an Android TV box with pre-installed streaming apps. The new NVidia shield offers lots of video apps, with the 4K streaming ability and full access to the NVidia GeForce Now gaming library. This entertainment hub is definitely a great choice as it is both affordable (when compared with others) and comes with great features.

The NVidia shield specs are well packed with some great features and powered by the powerful NVidia Tegra X1 processor. In terms of functionality, the NVidia Shield TV ticks all the right boxes and ready to wow you. NVidia even goes as far as boasting that the Shield TV’s CPU/GPU combination beats the Fire TV by being four times faster! The X1 process is no doubt very efficient and it is already being used on the Nintendo Switch. With a significantly smaller chassis that is about a third smaller than the previous version, the new NVidia Shield TV specs continue to wow.

NVidia Shield TV specs

NVidia Shield TV specs

Some key features of the Shield TV are discussed below;

  • First of all, let’s talk about the price. The average price across most popular online stores like Amazon and eBay is $233. And as we’ve already highlighted, when compared with other Android TVs in the market, the price is reasonable.
  • The next NVidia Shield TV specs we’ll consider is its 4K HDR playback. Shield TV was amongst the pioneers of 4K HDR viewing. Also, it is still the only one to offer 360 YouTube videos. The Android TV has access to all the top entertainment/streaming apps like Netflix, and Google Play Movies. With a remote, that is very user-friendly and gives users the playback option, and then the interface that is sleek, the Shield TV is built to wow.
  • It comes with built in GeForce Now and GameStream feature. Now, you have the ability to link your Ubisoft Uplay account to the Android box. You also have the GameStream option which essentially lets you stream games from your PC. It is worth stating that the NVidia store’s gaming ecosystem is more developed than other competing boxes. The gaming experience too is great.
  • Another great NVidia Shield TV specs is its Google assistant It’s voice recognition is highly sensitive and lets you control apps running on the Shield TV platform. The Shield’s Google assistant can also be activated using the remote’s microphone button. Also, it has almost the same features as the Google Home with the exception of making a call.

NVidia shield review

Going by the NVidia Shield TV specs, it is currently the best Android TV in the market and is definitely faster than its competitors. It also has better gaming portfolio for gamers making it a better all-round streaming box. However, the Shield TV is best adaptable for gaming when used with a NVidia gaming PC in your home. The array of features like HDR, streaming services and exclusive games also makes the Android TV box extremely attractive. More features are also coming!

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