Google Home – How Does Google Home Work

Google Home is a smart speaker that works with voice recognition. It was developed by Google as your personal aid. If you have heard of Google Assistant or you have made use of it at any time, you will definitely agree with me that it is a personal assistant software for your daily activities.

Now, Google Home is specially designed hardware component of the Google Assistant. In terms of design, it is very beautiful and portable. I call it a ‘love at first sight speaker’. Its appearance makes you want it even before you know how it truly works.

This is a cylindrically shaped speaker all by itself and doesn’t require any remote but a button to start functioning. On the speaker, you will find just this buttons so this gives it a perfectly smooth touch. Based on user’s capability to get it, it has been created in two classes distinctly which are;

  • Home Max
  • Home Mini

The Home Max simply means Home Maximum and as such is regarded to have even higher qualities than the Home Mini.

Google Home

How Does Google Home Work

Google Home works with voice command. That is a garbage in garbage out sequence. You give it data as input and it gives you information as output. So, it is just like your everyday friend you talk with but it can provide you with information’s your friend actually can’t. The creation of this speaker was first announced in May 2016 and was finally launched on the 4th of November in the same 2016. To turn on this speaker, all you need do is long press the FDR button found behind it. It accepts both Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity just in case you want to play music, connect to your TV sets or phone.

Features of Google Home

This speaker is very interactive and has answers to your questions every day. It can do a whole lot of things for you as long as you can ask it. This isn’t really different from the assistant. Google Home can be used as a point source to control other smart devices. Google Home is supported by several services like; Netflix, Google Photos, Google Play Music, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Spotify etc. Then back to its feature as the aim of this paragraph. They are as follows;

  • Task Management
  • Getting information’s
  • Television and Speakers Control
  • Media and News Updates
  • Every day Planning
  • And also, Task Execution

Under this features, you have a lot of subdivisions. For Task Management, you can set reminders or alarms that notify you of what you planned doing at a particular time. Getting of info’s comprises of a whole lot including; Sports, Nutrition, Dictionary, Finance etc. Television and Speaker Control enables you to use Google Home for things like; playing shows and watching movies. Everyday Planning gives you information on things like; Traffic conditions, Weather Forecast, Flight info. Task Execution does things like; Information transfer from Home to Phone, Setting reminders, Making Calls, Shopping requirements.

That isn’t all because they are countless since Google is committed to improving their products. Finally, to get the Google Home, visit your country’s google store

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