Amazon Echo – All you need to know about Alexa Speaker

Amazon Echo which is sometimes referred to as Alexa Speaker or Echo for short is an intelligent speaker that works with voice command just like Google Home. It is also cylindrical in shape and is one of the leading creations of Amazon Echo runs on Fire OS operating system. This device was released by Amazon on the 6th of November, 2014. Although this smart speaker was released as a project carried out by the company in several forms before the actual arrival of Echo. Amazon first created a smart speaker that works based on voice commands before Google ever did and this has put their speaker as one of the top ranking smart speakers global.

How Amazon Echo Works

As I said earlier, it is also called Alexa Speaker. You sure will wonder why? This is simply because Amazon Echo is being controlled by its connection to an intelligent personal assistant service called ‘Alexa’. This device is your personal assistant and can be turned on by a simple voice command ‘Alexa’. Personally, you can change this turn-on word to ‘Echo’ or ‘Amazon’. However, depending on that which is preferred by you to awaken the device by the command. Also, Alexa speaker can do a lot of stuff. For me, I enjoy the real-time information from Echo more because it helps me plan my day to know certain actions to take every time. Echo is very interactive so you don’t need to think about how it can function as your personal assistant. Just ask it any question and it will always be there to give you fit back.

amazon echo

Features of Amazon Echo

Echo acts as a center hub for your devices at home. However, It is very powerful in terms of the function, it gives you max reliability. The device itself functions based on the support given by other service providers like;

  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • AccuWeather
  • Apple Music
  • Google Play Music
  • iHeartRadio
  • ESPN
  • BBC
  • Then, NPR
  • Nest
  • And finally, Google Calendar

For Echo, the services are just unlimited. You can also find more out yourself. I promise you will be so shocked when you get the list of service provider’s supporting it. On the point we want to establish which are the Features of Amazon Echo, I want you to realize that it would amaze you to know how its features are not quite distinct from that of Google Home. The features are listed as follows;

  • Weather Forecast
  • News update
  • Music playing
  • Setting of Reminders
  • Answering questions
  • Then, Task management and execution
  • Streaming Podcast
  • Event organization
  • And also, Traffic Report

It doesn’t stop at that. Amazon works with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity only. One way to have a great day is by using this device. I guarantee no regrets at all. Just have in mind you are in for a mind-blowing experience. You just haven’t seen any speaker that is this flexible, mobile and reliable. Get on today and purchase your own Alexa Speaker.

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