How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace | Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace – With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, Facebook is now considered one of the largest e-marketing platforms with various platforms for business owners and individual sellers to promote and sell their products. Click here to get started:

Facebook marketplace is one of these platforms on a Facebook app that has made buying and selling on Facebook quite convenient for users.

The marketplace feature is right on your Facebook, and you can sell items with ease by just visiting the marketplace platform.

Facebook is no longer just considered a platform for connecting with people for fun, but lots of users are now using it for business purposes.

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The Facebook marketplace makes it possible for you to sell almost anything ranging from personal items to business products. However, you cannot sell drugs or illegal products.

To sell your item on Facebook, you can either use the marketplace feature, or you can use the Facebook store if you have a business page.

We will walk you through the steps of selling items both on the marketplace and through your Facebook store.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

  • To access the admin panel, you need to Log into your Facebook business page
  • Access the shop icon which is accessible to the owner or admin by default.
  • The shop icon is on the left side; if you don’t see it, you will need to activate the templates to enable you to see it.
  • To activate it, go to SETTINGS, then TEMPLATES and TABS, find the current Template area and click on the edit button.
  • Next step is to get the shop tab on your store.
  • Afterward, a pop-up appears prompting you to enter your business details.
  • Next step, fill out important info about the state you do your business and tax registration number.
  • Now enter the currency and email address if you want to get paid on Facebook. Ensure you enter the right details, then click the FINISH button.
  • Continue by SETTING UP YOUR PAYMENT option. You will need to accurately provide your tax details, business name, employer identification number, and your legal name.
  • Then finally phase to linking your bank to your Facebook store for payments is to input your bank routing number, and account details.
  • After you finish the above step, you now need to set up your shipping options and your return policy through the SET YOUR PREFERENCES option.
  • Next, it’s time to add products to your Facebook store. To do this, click the ADD button, then proceed to add products manually, or you can use e-commerce/inventory option.
  • It is free to add listings of products on Facebook so you can find important info for your customers.
  • You can use Facebook ads to market your products on Facebook and other audience networks.

How to go about Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace?

If you are looking for a convenient place to sell your personal items or business products in no time, then you should try the Facebook marketplace feature.  

On the Facebook marketplace, you can sell items to people in your local area with ease, and it is absolutely free. Buyers in your local area can view your listings and contact you when you place your listings on marketplace.

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So, while on Facebook, you can do something quite beneficial like selling personal items on marketplace.

To sell on the marketplace, follow these steps:

  • Click the SHOP ICON on Facebook app
  • Click on SELL from the four options on your marketplace page. Select items you wish to sell from your camera roll. It is often advisable to choose good quality photos of the items you are selling.
  • Next, correctly label the items you are selling on the ‘WHAT ARE YOU SELLING PAGE,’ ensure your title is correct, use brief and catchy phrases to describe your goods. Facebook marketplace rules limit your title to just 100 characters.
  • Describe the items you are selling; by adding important details like size, color, model and all the necessary info customers need to know about the item.
  • Now proceed to set your item prices.
  • After doing the above, the next step is to enter the Zip code of your general location; this ensures you get buyers from your locality.
  • Choose which category your products belongs to on the list available on the Facebook marketplace.
  • Finally, when you’ve completed all these steps, Facebook can then publish your items for users to find on marketplace.


Facebook is one of the largest e-marketing platforms, and you can take advantage of this in selling varieties of items to the right audience.

You can choose to sell on Facebook store, or you can sell through marketplace, and stand a great chance of reaching your target audience and grow your sales for your business.

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