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Internet Marketing Classes Online – In this digital age, online marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to boost your website, business, or any other platform you have. Learning about the right way to market your platform online can do you a whole lot of good.

You can improve your online marketing strategies by learning from the very best sites. You can simply sign up for the marketing courses offered by the following platforms we are going to list.

List of Online Marketing Courses

The following platforms are considered the top sites for Internet Marketing Classes Online:

  • Google Online Marketing

Google is a platform where you can learn a whole lot about online marketing. Google marketing courses contain video tutorials that explain important marketing terms like SEM, Video networks, Google Ads, Mobile strategy, and many more.


This platform is a very popular platform for online education, and online marketing courses are also offered for free. This website offers varieties of courses in various fields ranging from literature, history to professional development. Most of the contents on this website are created by professors from prestigious schools like Princeton, Standford, John Hopkins, and more.


This website offers comprehensive classes on various fields including digital skills, literature financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and others. Alison offers Diploma in E-business, this provides the necessary info you need to build your online marketing strategy and the best ways to promote your business. It also offers social media marketing diploma, this shows you a rundown of social media and how best you can use it in marketing. The courses offer more insight into email marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and more. The contents are for different kinds of audience, so if you are professional, manager, teacher, or freelancer, you can learn a lot by visiting the platform.


This website offers varieties of contents on the website, and online marketing courses is one of these contents. It offers online marketing courses like Advanced SEO, Zero cost Marketing strategies, Google Adwords 101, Content marketing for B2B enterprises, Social media online marketing courses. These courses are totally free, but there are also courses that learners need to pay for. You can learn a lot about how to use social media for online marketing and how to set up your first Google Adwords campaign.

  • EDX

Edx offers lots of contents that users can get to learn about online. Users can learn courses from different fields in various University departments and get certified. You can learn online courses like Entrepreneurship 101 that teaches you the best ways to handle your customers and their needs. This website also offers online courses like Analytics Edge and teaches you how to discover data and how data analytics can help your business.


Canva offers online courses that will attract online marketers who wish to learn more about online marketing strategy. These online courses include Projecting Your Brand through New Media, which chooses online marketers the best way to promote their business or platform through social media. Courses like Copyright Clarity, which teaches users all about copyright law and how best to borrow creative contents.

Internet Marketing Classes Online

More Internet Marketing Classes


Hubspot offers users’ important materials to enable users to understand inbound marketing. These courses can help you master inbound marketing; you can also learn about blogging, SEO, Social media, Calls to Action, Keyword strategy, and others.


Copyblogger offers marketing courses for online marketers; this platform offers you deep insights on areas like Content marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Keyword research, and many more.


This website mostly focuses on providing users free courses on programming, data science, software development, and many more.


Lynda offers varieties of contents ranging from business, design, art, education, and tech. Lynda also offers online marketing courses to online marketers such as Marketing, Adwords, Facebook, and many more.


This website offers varieties of contents ranging from business and management, creative arts, health, politics, and even digital skills.

You can check out these sites to learn a whole lot about Internet Marketing Classes Online strategies, how to use social media for online marketing, SEO, Google Adwords and many more

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