Pinterest Business Account | How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Business Account – Pinterest may not have a user base as large as that of Facebook, but it is also considered one of the most relevant platforms for online marketing in this digital world.

Lots of users come to check out images and topics of interest to them on Pinterest; businesses can use this avenue to advertise their business to people with interests in the type of business they run.

There are millions of users on Pinterest always in search of new ideas or new crafts; this makes it an important platform for you to post photos of your brand for people to discover and probably patronize.

To promote your business on Pinterest, you need to first create a business account for that purpose.

Pinterest Business Account

How to Create Pinterest Business Account

  • To create a business account, visit Pinterest website
  • Then click on PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS, then choose to JOIN AS A BUSINESS
  • Add important business info, accept Pinterest terms of service, and then click on CREATE ACCOUNT
  • Or you can choose to switch your personal account to a business account.
  • To switch your personal profile to a business account, click on SWITCH TO BUSINESS button on your account.
  • Set up a business account by adding important business details like username, logo, websites, locations, and any other info required.
  • Describe your brand name, brand, and pinned content using keywords. Make good of keywords; they are quite an important part of marketing on Pinterest.
  • Describe what you offer, add descriptions to the images on your Pinterest board, and link them to your product page.

How to Use Pinterest for Business

  • Setting up your business account is the first step to selling on Pinterest
  • Use Hashtags to get users to find your contents when they use such hashtags.
  • Buyable pins are used in selling products; they connect customers easily to your Bigcommerce or the Shopify product page. It also allows users to have access to ADD A BAG button from your pin, which links them to your store to purchase items.
  • Use Pinterest ads if you intend to expand your audience on the platform and start making more sales.
  • Buyable pins act as a link between users on Pinterest and your selling platforms. Remember you don’t sell on Pinterest, it only helps advertise your products to users on the platform who might have an interest in what your brand is offering.
  • Make use of rich pins for selling of products on Pinterest. The rich pins connect the business platform to Pinterest, info updated on your original website will reflect on Pinterest for users to see.
  • Post new listings of products on public boards for users to see, then add buyable pins and rich pins as links to your original website. Users can view your listings on the board and purchase items by clicking on buyable pins.


In summary, Pinterest is an awesome place to sell varieties of products and promote your brand.

Lots of users keep visiting Pinterest to check topics, ideas, and images that interest them, you can take advantage of this to make them discover your business too while searching on the platform.

Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to help your business grow.

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