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What to Sell on Facebook – Facebook has various platforms available for business owners to advertise and sell their products to the right audience, and you can use this opportunity to your own advantage.

You can sell almost any item on the Facebook marketplace, ranging from personal items to business products. However, you are not allowed to sell political products or illegal items on the platform. Facebook is now much more than just a platform for sharing photos and connecting with friends for friends; now, you can optimize this platform for business purposes.

You might be probably wondering how to go about selling the items on Facebook, not to worry about that we’ve got you covered on that aspect.

As a business owner or if you intend to start a business on Facebook, you can start by creating a business page. You can create a business page for any type of business you want.

Once you have created your business page, you can start selling your products on your Facebook store.

Your Facebook store is not the only platform where you can sell any item of your choice on Facebook; there are other platforms like buying and sell groups and marketplace.

The marketplace is another convenient platform on Facebook, where you can sell varieties of items. In fact, if you have used items like clothes, cars, phones, Facebook marketplace is considered a good place to meet interested buyers in your location in no time.

It is easy to post listings of your items, and Facebook makes it visible for buyers in your location to purchase.

You have just to bear in mind that you can sell almost any item on Facebook; Facebook makes it convenient for you to do so.

If you have items you wish to sell on Facebook, there are various platforms available on Facebook for you to do so, and we will show you just how to go about selling on these platforms.

What to Sell on Facebook

What to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

There are various categories on the Facebook marketplace, and you can list your items in the right category for buyers to discover.

Real estate, fashion, vehicle, jobs, and more are categories available on the marketplace.

You can list and sell these items on the marketplace using your phone; it is convenient and also quite productive.

Real Estate

As a real estate agent or home owner, you can post listings of your housing properties for rent or sale on the marketplace.

Ensure you add important details like price, number of rooms, square footage, and other important details. Listing your items on marketplace helps you reach your target audience in a short time.

Many home owner and real estate agent use these steps to fasten the marketing process and sell housing properties with ease.

You can also use the Facebook ad to boost your listings and increase the level of exposure your listings get on Facebook.

Listing Cars

There are lots of buyers on the marketplace looking for cars of different models to buy. You can list your cars for sale on the vehicle category on marketplace.

This way, these buyers can get to see your listings and communicate with you. The marketplace enables you to reach your car buyers with ease, and you don’t have to pay to list your cars for sale.


This is another lucrative category on the Facebook marketplace, and lots of designers & sellers are making the bulk of cash off selling their items on marketplace.

Buyers are always on the lookout for interesting items to purchase on the marketplace, and fashion is one aspect lots of people love to patronize.

All you have to do is post listings of your items, add important details and descriptions, then buyers can view such listings and contact you.

There are various other items you can sell on Facebook, and you can follow the steps below to sell these items.

How to List These Items for Sale on Marketplace

You can join millions of other Facebook users in using the marketplace feature for buying selling items to people in your location with ease.

It is right on your Facebook app, and it is a convenient place to meet interested buyers in your local area.

Just follow these steps to sell on the marketplace:

  • Click the MARKETPLACE ICON on the Facebook app
  • Click on SELL on marketplace and choose clear photos of the items you wish to sell from your camera roll.
  • Label the items you are selling on the WHAT ARE YOU SELLING page, enter a title and explain briefly the item you are selling, then click NEXT
  • Describe the items you are selling; by adding important details like size, color, model, and all the necessary info customers need to know about the item.
  • Set the price for the items you are selling
  • Enter your Zip code to identify your general location
  • Select the category your products fall into on marketplace list of categories.
  • Once you are done with these steps, the listings of your items will be visible for buyers to view on the marketplace.
  • The items you are selling will be taken to the management area known as YOUR ITEMS, you can manage the sale of your items from there, and you receive messages from customers here, and you can reply them too.


In summary, the marketplace is just the right platform for selling any kind of item you choose to; it is quite convenient and very productive.

When you list your items on the marketplace, you have a greater chance of reaching your target audience and selling your items.

You can sell varieties of items on your Facebook, there are various channels for you to do so, and however, you cannot sell illegal items or political products.

Facebook is one of the largest e-marketing platforms, and you should maximize this opportunity to grow your business and start generating sales from it too.

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