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Amazon Mobile Website – Amazon is a popular online shopping site with millions of internet users visiting to find varieties of items to purchase. Most users visit the platform for the awesome shopping experiences they have and for the ease with which they can purchase items on the platform.

You can access the Amazon shopping site either on your desktop or mobile device depending on which is available to you and which you prefer to shop with. Amazon mobile website is an amazing place to shop for items of your choice and enjoy awesome shopping experience.

Lots of online shoppers find it easy to shop on mobile devices; the experience differs from that of desktop shopping. However, both experiences help you get just what you want from the Amazon website.

Lots of surveys carried out have shown that a large percentage of internet users enjoy shopping on Amazon mobile website than on desktop.

On Amazon mobile website, the sellers’ products and details dominate the page, and there is a lack of ads, this is probably one of the reasons mobile users love shopping on Amazon mobile sites.  Online shoppers get to see lots of photos of the products they want to buy on the Amazon mobile website and lots of related searches and results they can scroll through to check out other amazing offers on the site.

One of the most important reasons users love shopping on Amazon mobile shopping site is the quick access they have to Amazon Buy Box, which makes it easy for them to add items to their carts and place their orders with ease.

Not only do customers get to see lots of photos of the items they want on mobile, but the product description shows up first on mobile before the bullet points. This means customers get to know about the product they wish to buy before anything else.

Amazon mobile shopping experience is an amazing one, this does not mean that the desktop shopping experience is not equally an awesome one, but for some reasons, most customers choose to shop on Amazon mobile website.

So, once you feel like purchasing items online, all you have to do is visit the Amazon shopping site on your mobile device and start shopping to your satisfaction. Amazon shopping website is an awesome place to visit, and we will show you how to go about shopping there.

Amazon Mobile Website

How to Shop on Amazon Mobile

Lots of internet users love shopping on Amazon mobile website, it is convenient, ease to purchase items and a totally awesome experience. Ads on Amazon mobile website are less of a nuisance than they are on the desktop where ads are more visible and may be a form of disturbance when shopping.

The product details, other related products on sale and photos of the products dominate the shopping website on mobile, which is probably the reason why online shoppers prefer shopping on Amazon mobile website.

So, if you love on Amazon on your mobile device, then you need to pay close attention to the steps we will give you.

To shop on Amazon mobile website, follow these steps:

  • Visit the product detail page for any item you wish to purchase
  • Click ADD TO CART
  • When you are done adding items to your cart by hovering on the items you wish to buy & clicking add to cart.
  • Tap the shopping cart icon.
  • You can choose to use the search bar on Amazon website to search for the items you wish to purchase on the website. Just type in the right keywords and select the product you wish to purchase from the search results.
  • You can also choose to check out the Category options to check out varieties of items on sale on each category. So, if you have a particular category in mind but don’ know which exact product you want to purchase, you can check out varieties of products on the category and make your purchase.
  • Once you see the product, you want just select the items and add them to your cart
  • You can edit items on your cart by clicking DELETE to remove items you don’t want in your cart, or you can click SAVE FOR LATER to add other details you want.
  • When you are done click PROCEED TO CHECK OUT, then follow the on-screen instructions
  • Review the details of your order before clicking PLACE YOUR ORDER to conclude the shopping process.
  • Add your shipping address, it should be a location where you wish the products to arrive at, so you need to add the right address.
  • You also need to add the correct bank details, add your credit cards or debit cards for payment purposes before placing your order.
  • You will be sent a confirmation email by Amazon to show you that your order has been completed. This concludes the process of shopping on the Amazon mobile website, and your package will be delivered to the right location you entered while shopping.

How to Switch to Amazon Mobile Site

If you wish to update your mobile number on your desktop or switch site to mobile, just follow these few easy steps;

  • First, you need to go to the CHANGE ACCOUNT SETTINGS page on amazon desktop site
  • Click EDIT next to your number
  • Enter the new number, and click CONTINUE
  • You will be sent a verification code as a text message, enter the code in the appropriate field
  • Then click VERIFY
  • You have to re-enter your mobile only password, click SAVE CHANGES
  • Then click DONE

How to Access Amazon App

Amazon website is one of the most visited websites, and it is quite easy to find it on your mobile device. All you have to do is to search for the website through any browser of your choice.

Once you type, you will be taken to Amazon website where you can have access to Your Orders, Your Lists, Customer Service, Help, Your lists, your recommendations, Sell on Amazon and various other options.

You can use the search bar available on the page for varieties of searches related to Amazon, and you can sign in from the page too. So if you want to shop on Amazon, simply visit the website using your mobile app and enjoy varieties of services.


Amazon is one of the largest online shopping platforms that users from across countries in the world love to shop for varieties of products from sellers all over the world.

You can shop for any item of your choice on your mobile device by using the steps we have shown you. Shopping on Amazon website is an amazing experience, and you can choose to shop either on your mobile device or desktop.

You can access the website with ease on your device, go through categories, and find items you wish to buy, add them to your cart, place your order and get your items shipped to the desired location.

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