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Amazon Online Account – Amazon is one of the largest online marketing platforms which has connected billions of buyers and sellers all over the world.

Amazon started off as just a platform for selling eBooks, but over time, it has become an online marketing platform for selling varieties of items. And any individual who loves purchasing items online must have come across Amazon.

It is not just a platform for buyers but also lots of sellers post listings of their items for buyers to discover and purchase. Amazon cuts across various countries, so no matter your location, you can conduct buying and selling activities online through Amazon.

Amazon was merely a bookstore when it started. However, it is now considered one of the largest retailers and internet marketing platforms in the world.

It has various storefront websites for several countries, ships to almost every country and also available in different languages. Amazon has a global outlook, and it is one of the e-marketing platforms internet users consider first when they wish to venture into online marketing.

Amazon has over 40 subsidiary brands such as Goodreads,, Zappos, IMDb, and many others.

We can say that Amazon is well ahead of various other online marketing platforms by taking a low-profit-margin approach, which has made it dominate over other e-marketing platforms.

Now, Amazon does not only indulge in the selling of goods & services online but also participates in streaming videos, online marketplace, computing marketplace, and also recently banking.

Amazon marketplace is used by both business owners and individual sellers for marketing and selling their items online.

Amazon Online Account

How to Set Up Amazon Online Account

Amazon Online Account is free for internet users unless you wish to become a member of Amazon Prime, which gives you two-day shipping on certain products & access to Prime Music and movies.

You can check out Amazon website to see varieties of items on sale on the platform, but if you wish to venture into buying & selling on the platform, you need to create an account.

If you need to make a wish list or build a profile, then you need to set up an account. The steps are quite easy, and we will show you how to go about it.

To create an Amazon account, follow these steps:

  • Go to Amazon website, then click on YOUR ACCOUNT at the right corner of the page. Click on the option, then select START HERE from the drop-down menu that appears. From the Start Here option, you can then choose to SIGN UP to start the process of creating an account.
  • When you click on the Sign Up option, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter personal info. Then you need to add your email address and your name to start your registration. Also, add your number, create a password before clicking CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  • When you click to create your account, you will be redirected to Amazon welcome page, and you officially have an Amazon account.
  • To personalize your account, you will need to edit your payment options. Now, to do this, click on YOUR ACCOUNT at the top right corner of the page. Select ADD A CREDIT CARD under the PAYMENTS METHOD. Then you can choose whichever credit card you want to link to your Amazon account. To confirm that your credit card has been added to your account, you can go to MANAGE YOUR PAYMENTS METHODS option.
  • You need to also add your shipping address details through YOUR ACCOUNTS option. Go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS option, click on ADD NEW ADDRESS. Once you do so, you can enter your password, add your shipping details before clicking SAVE AND CONTINUE.
  • Then, you can also add set up your profile by adding important details like your location, website, name, birthday, and other info. Once you are done check the I HAVE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS box, then click CONTINUE. You will need to add other additional personal info before you click FINISH.
  • You can also choose to connect your Amazon account to your social media accounts to share info from your Amazon account on such platforms.
  • Finally, you can also create a wishlist containing items you wish to purchase later. To create a wish list just click on WISH LISTS on YOUR ACCOUNT, then click on the yellow CREATE YOUR WISHLIST button. 

How to Download Amazon App

Amazon app is available for internet users to download for buying and selling online. The Amazon website was initially the only platform for buying and selling through Amazon, but now users can do so on the Amazon app.

With the Amazon app, you can access varieties of items on sale on the platform ranging from eBooks, Prime videos & music, apps, games, and other items on sale.

So, once you have set up your account, you can easily log into your Amazon account through your amazon app and perform varieties of functions.

Once you have set up your Amazon Online Account, you can start selling and buying on Amazon right on your mobile device.

To download your amazon app, follow these steps:

How to Get Amazon App for Android Devices

Amazon is an awesome app for online marketing, and you can install the app on your device to start enjoying an amazing shopping experience.

You can get this amazing app on your android device by simply doing the following:

  • Go to Google play store on your device
  • Type the name of the app on the search bar
  • Once it appears, click on the app
  • Then finally tap the INSTALL button to get the app on your phone.

How to Get Amazon App on iPhone

  • Simply tap and open the Appstore app on your phone
  • Then search for Amazon shopping app on the search bar
  • And finally, click GET IT, then install the app on your phone to enjoy better shopping experience.


Amazon is one of the largest e-marketing platforms present in the world and is used by both businesses and individual sellers to reach their target audience.

Once you open a free Amazon Online Account, you can have access to selling and buying items right on the platform.

You can discover items to buy on Amazon or post listings of items for buyers to see either on amazon app or Amazon website.

Creating an Amazon Online Account is quite easy; once you have done so then, you are ready to start maximizing the platform for both buying and selling functions.

With Amazon marketplace, you can gain access to varieties of products online from various sellers all over the world, however, once you purchase them, they would be shipped easily to your locations.

And business owners and individual sellers get to increase the visibility of their items listings for buyers all over the world to discover and purchase.

So, join billions of internet users all over the world to enjoy the amazing world of Amazon, just create an account for free and enjoy varieties of contents on the platform.

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