Amazon Online Store | How to Sell On Amazon Marketplace

Amazon online store is considered one of the largest e-marketing platforms in the world, with storefront websites and shipping services in almost every country. Amazon is definitely the first place users think of when they talk about online shopping and Amazon has really earned itself this reputation.

Though it started out as a bookstore, it has become one of the world’s largest retailers and marketplace. There is hardly any item you wish to purchase that isn’t available on Amazon, if Amazon does not have it, third-party sellers on the platform will definitely do.

Apart from the wide range of items available for sale on Amazon that makes amazon outstanding, its customer services and services like packaging and shipping have made it quite the best e-marketing platform.

These qualities have made the popularity of the Amazon platform to increase over time, to the point it is called the most dominating online retailer and marketplace in the world. We can go on and on about this awesome platform, but we would like to let you know about some other aspects of the platform.

Amazon online store

Amazon Marketplace

About from being one of the largest retailers online, Amazon is also considered one of the best marketplaces that allow sellers to reach their target audience. Now, Amazon allows third-party sellers to list their items on the platform for customers to discover and purchase.

So, if you are considering going into selling products online, one place you should definitely check out is Amazon. Lots of brands Individual sellers, and companies have made a whole lot of profit from their business through Amazon.

Users are always trooping to amazon website to find out the latest offers and other things that will likely interest them and who knows one of your products may just be part of them. You may be wondering how you can possibly go about selling on this platform, don’t worry, we are right here for you.

How to Sell On Amazon Marketplace

  • Set up your Amazon seller account, choose a seller category, you can either choose individual seller, pro seller or Amazon vendor this depends on how many items you need to sell per month. Price varies according to account type.
  • You create an Amazon seller account by adding your business name, legal name & address, contact info, Bank account info, Shipping option (where you need to ship to), Shipping location ( where you are shipping from).
  • Also, set up your Amazon seller profile, it acts your amazon-based social network profile. This is where customers get to know about your company, shipping & return policies, and you can also view customer’s feedback from here.
  • You need to add important info on the About Seller Section to tell customers about your business, and you need to add Seller Logo depicting your company’s logo. Also, add return and refund policies for your customers to see.
  • Once you are done setting up your Seller account & profile, you can access your dashboard to start posting listings of items on Amazon.
  • You can so start posting listings of items on Amazon.
  • You can start posting listings of products, individual sellers can post listings for individual items, and professional sellers can post listings of products in batches in the right categories.
  • If the products are already on Amazon, you can use stock images & descriptions on the site. You need to select how many products you need to sell, describe conditions of products & choose available shipping options. Also, add unique info to differentiate your products from that of other sellers.
  • When you wish to list a product, click the LIST A NEW PRODUCT CATEGORY on seller dashboard, check the catalogue on Amazon to check if the stock images are available on Amazon online store. You will need to add other important info like price, quantity and shipping info.
  • Furthermore, you need to go through processes like adding product title, product description & images, search terms if your products are not available on Amazon catalogue.
  • You need to manage your inventory to know which products are still available for sale and to update your listings when necessary.
  • The last step is selling your products, packaging and shipping them to the customers. This could be done either by Amazon (fulfilment by Amazon) or it could be done by the seller, which is called fulfilment by the merchant.

How to Shop On Amazon online store

  • Go to amazon homepage
  • Visit the product detail page for any item you wish to purchase
  • Click ADD TO CART
  • Once you are done adding items to cart, tap the shopping cart icon.
  • To edit items, you can click DELETE next to the item to remove them, or you can click SAVE FOR LATER to make your changes.
  • Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, then follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Go through the details of your order and click PLACE YOUR ORDER to conclude the process.
  • Once your purchase has been completed, you will see an order confirmation screen

Lots of business owners, brands and individuals have in one way or the other used Amazon to promote their products online. Amazon online store has a global outlook and individuals from different parts of the world visit the platform to purchase items they like. Now, you can maximize this amazon marketplace platform as a means of growing your business and reaching your target audience.

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