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Amazon Store – Amazon is one of the largest online marketing platforms in the world, with over 326 million active customers. Amazon store has millions of products for users to buy in various parts of the world; it is not just one of the largest retailers in the world but also one of the largest online marketplace.

Businesses & individual from every part of the world post listings of their products on Amazon for buyers to discover and purchase.

Amazon may have started as just a bookstore. However, it has expanded to the selling of varieties of products like furniture, fashion accessories, latest gadgets, music, video, movies, and many others.

Amazon store has almost every item ready for its users; if Amazon does not have such item available, marketplace sellers on the platform will have such item.

Amazon is an excellent place for individuals who love buying online; you get to discover varieties of products on sale and have purchased items shipped to your location. Amazon is currently considered one of the most dominating e-marketing platforms in the world, with storefronts in several parts of the world.

Now, no matter what you want to buy, you can simply check out the Amazon store and get them delivered to your doorsteps in no time. Now, we will walk you through the steps of purchasing items with ease on the Amazon store.

Amazon Store

How to Shop On Amazon

You can purchase any item of your choice with ease when you visit Amazon store. There are varieties of items to buy, ranging from fashion items, gadgets, furniture, and other awesome items.

If you wish to shop on Amazon, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the product detail page for any item you wish to purchase
  • Click ADD TO CART
  • Once you are done adding items to cart, tap the shopping cart icon.
  • To edit items, you can click DELETE next to the item to remove them, or you can click SAVE FOR LATER to make your changes.
  • Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, then follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Go through the details of your order and click PLACE YOUR ORDER to conclude the process.
  • Once your purchase has been completed, you will see an order confirmation screen.

Amazon Marketplace

Lots of business owners and individual sellers are making it big online by selling their items & products through Amazon marketplace.

Amazon provides an opportunity for third-party sellers to list their products for sale on the platform for buyers to discover and purchase.

Businesses get the chance to post listings in various categories; individual sellers can also post listings on various categories for people to see.

Buyers can check listings, ratings, delivery options, and other important info about an item they wish to purchase.

Amazon marketplace is a meeting point for buyers and sellers; this gives them opportunities to conduct buying and selling activities with ease. Amazon marketplace is quite easy to use, and we can show you how to buy and sell on amazon marketplace.

How to Sell on Amazon Store / How to Post Listings on Amazon Marketplace

Lots of successful online business owners and other recognizable brands have in one way or another patronized amazon marketplace to grow their business online & reach their target audience. To sell on Amazon marketplace, you need to know some important steps.

To sell on Amazon marketplace:

  • Set up your Amazon seller account, choose a seller category, you can either choose individual seller, pro seller, or Amazon vendor depending on how many items you need to sell per month. Each account has its own price attached to it.
  • You need to create an Amazon seller account by adding your business name, legal name & address, contact info, Bank account info, Shipping option (where you need to ship to), Shipping location ( where you are shipping from).
  • You also need to set up your Amazon seller profile; it acts your amazon-based social network profile. This is where customers get to know about your company, shipping & return policies, and you can also view customers’ feedback from here.
  • You need to add important info on the About Seller Section to tell customers about your business, and you need to add Seller Logo depicting your company’s logo. Also, add return and refund policies for your customers to see.
  • Once you are done setting up your Seller account & profile, you can access your dashboard to start posting listings of items on Amazon.
  • You can start posting listings of products, individual sellers can post listings for individual items, and professional sellers can post listings of products in batches in the right categories.
  • If the products are already on Amazon, you can use stock images & descriptions on the site. You need to select how many products you need to sell, describe conditions of products & choose available shipping options. Also, add unique info to differentiate your products from that of other sellers.
  • When you wish to list a product, click the LIST A NEW PRODUCT CATEGORY on seller dashboard, check the catalogue on Amazon to check if the stock images are available on Amazon. You will need to add other important info like price, quantity and shipping info.
  • Also, you need to go through processes like adding product title, product description & images, search terms if your products are not available on Amazon catalogue.
  • You need to manage your inventory to know which products are still available for sale and to update your listings when necessary.
  • The last step is selling your products, packaging, and shipping them to the customers. This could be done either by Amazon (fulfilment by Amazon) or it could be done by the seller, which is called fulfilment by the merchant.


Amazon is considered one of the largest e-marketing platform and one of the largest retailers, competing with Walmart for global domination. Amazon stores are global stores for buying almost any item you want online and have them shipped to your location with ease.

Sellers whether professional or individual sellers can take advantage of the Amazon marketplace to sell their products with ease online. Amazon has helped lots of online business owners to reach their target audience and start making sales; you can use this opportunity to become one of these successful business owners.

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