Black Panther Movie Review

Step into the spotlight! The revolution will not be televised, it will be released worldwide on February 16, 2018. Black Panther movie is undoubtedly the most anticipated Marvel movie. We got a slice of what the movie is going to look like when Black Panther was featured in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. So far, all the official trailers are doing great, and we are convinced that this movie is going to set records.

The hero, Black Panther who is also known as T’Challa played by Chadwick Boseman, returned home to Wakanda in Africa. Wakanda is a far technologically advanced country hidden away from the world. Black Panther has come to take his rightful place as the king. Now, this is not an easy to achieve the dream, he is faced with adversaries from the inside and the outside.

There are enemies who want to take his place, destroy the world after being armed with the advanced technology of Wakanda, and become the rulers of the new world. Black Panther’s destiny involves making this impossible, he is to use his supernatural power to derail the enemies’ plans and conquer them. Black Panther will work with the Wakanda army, as well as well team up with the Central Intelligence Agency to destroy the enemies.

Black Panther Movie

We are pleased to see that Marvel and Walt Disney teamed up to give us something that should have been done long before now. A lead character who is black. In fact, Black Panther’s main characters are all black people. With likes of Lupita Nyong’O, Michael B. Jordan, Letitia Wright, Angela Basset, Forest Whitaker, Dania Gurira, and Daniel Kaluuya, we have high expectations and we predict that we will be utterly blown away.

Another impressive thing to watch out for in the movie is the fact that Black Panther’s 16 years old sister “Shuri” played by Letitia Wright is the most intelligent superhero in MCU. She is responsible for the entire innovation of the advanced technology of Wakanda. That might lead to controversy among the Marvel fandom. I mean Tony Stark could have been made the most intelligent person in MCU. However, if a 16 years old girl is the backbone a technologically advanced world, who is Tony Stark?

How Is Black Panther Movie Doing in Box Office?

We are impressed by the numbers, we still have one week before the release date. The pre-release sales have gone past many successful record-breaking movies already. Our prediction is that the Black Panther movie will go above $125 million sales in the opening weekend.

With that number, and being a solo movie, it will beat MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok $123 million opening weekend sales. In any case, we have no doubt that the movie is going to break records. In fact with the look of things, it is going to be the most successful release this February. Our only hope is that it goes above $170 million during the opening weekend.

We will have more to say after we watch this action-fantasy that is set to shake 2018.

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