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Buying and selling on Facebook pages have become popular; most businesses get a high percentage of their customers from Facebook.

This is probably why most internet users are eager to know more about buying and selling on Facebook. In this digital age, modern marketers have found out that social media platforms play quite important roles in e-marketing. Facebook is considered one of the largest of these platforms.

This means if you want to go into online marketing and you are not doing so on Facebook, you are missing out on a whole lot of opportunity to grow your business.

Facebook business pages are important channels for buying and selling; however, before you can start selling through your business page, you need to set up your Facebook store.

And we will show you just how to go about setting up your Facebook store and selling through it.

Buying and Selling on Facebook Pages

How to Sell Through Facebook Page / How to Set Up Facebook Store

To sell through your business page, you need first to set up your Facebook store. Once your store has been set up, customers can view listings of your items and purchase them with ease.

Follow these steps to sell on your Facebook store:

  • First, go to your Facebook business page and access the admin panel.
  • Locate the shop which you can access by default as the business page owner or admin.
  • Click on the shop icon and activate the shop icon.
  • To activate it Go to SETTINGS, then TEMPLATES and TABS. Find the current Template area and click on the edit button. Then apply the shop template from there and that’s all.
  • Once activated, click on the shop tab, read the info on the pop up to gain some info about the process you are about to go through, then click the GET STARTED button.
  • Enter required business info in the right field, then click NEXT
  • Add info about the state you do your business and tax registration number.
  • To proceed, input the currency you’d be transacting with and email address to enable you to get paid on Facebook, then click the FINISH button.
  • The final step before you publish your Facebook store is to SETUP PAYMENT. To do this, you need to enter your tax details, accurate business name, employer identification number, and your legal name. Preview the details you have entered before Clicking on the SAVE button.
  • Finally, to start receiving payments, you need to link your bank to your Facebook store by entering your bank routing code, account number, and other details.
  • The next set is setting up your shipping options and your return policy and customer service email on the SET YOUR PREFERENCES step, and then click FINISH to conclude the process.
  • Once you finish setting up your store you can add products on your via the ADD button, you can add products manually, or you can use e-commerce/inventory.
  • Add listings of products on Facebook containing useful info about the items you are selling like price, descriptions and more.
  • To promote your business better and reach a wider customer base, you can use Facebook ads. Facebook ads make the work of advertising easy for you and promote your products better on various platforms.
  • Keep your page alive by posting engaging contents about your brand. Grow your page to gain more followers who are potential customers. Consistency is important if you intend for your business to grow on Facebook.
  • Selling through a business page doesn’t end in having set up a store when you set up your store endeavor to gain customers and persuade them to patronize your products.
  • You will have to build a strong relationship between you and your followers if you intend for them to remain loyal to your brand.


A Facebook business page is an excellent platform for marketing your product online and creating a customer base for your business.

Lots of successful businesses have Facebook pages they use in creating an online presence for their brand. This helps them gain customers which means more sales for them.

Join other business owners to maximize this opportunity in growing your business online.

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