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Marketplace On Facebook App – Marketplace is that convenient place on your Facebook app for buying and selling purposes. Now you can buy and sell items to people in your local area right on Facebook.

Marketplace functions as an online marketing platform like Amazon, Craigslist, Shopify and others; where buyers and sellers meet for business purposes.

As a seller all you have to do is post the listings of your product on marketplace and buyers in your location will discover your listings and contact you if they are interested. Also, if you love buying varieties of products online, you can now do so conveniently on your Facebook app.

All you have to do is access the marketplace feature, then you view listings of items on sale on the marketplace and contact the sellers.

Marketplace on Facebook App

How Do You Access Marketplace on Facebook App

Marketplace app is now available on Facebook for various users in a different location, however, if it is not available on your Facebook app, then it is not yet available in your location, or you need to update your Facebook app. The marketplace app is right on your Facebook wall, it is the shop icon, and once you click on it, you can access the marketplace page.

You can simply tap the three horizontal lines which are the menu icon, on the menu bar you can select the SELL SOMETHING option to access the marketplace feature.

You can access the marketplace through the Facebook website; it is also available on both Android and IOS devices. It is at the top page of your Facebook app on your Android device, and the bottom of your Facebook page on your IOS device.

To go back to your normal Facebook wall, there is a footer menu below that allows you to do so. It is quite convenient for you to perform both buy and sell transactions on your Facebook marketplace.

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

Buying on the marketplace is very easy; you just need to follow specific steps to do so. You can go through listings on the marketplace, discover items on sale and connect with sellers. Also, you get to buy items from sellers in your location which makes it more convenient for you as a buyer.

To buy on marketplace, follow these steps:

  • Click the store icon at the top of your page below the search bar, on your Facebook app to access marketplace.
  • Tap the CATEGORIES link at the top of the page to view on marketplace to check out different categories and choose which you want to view.
  • Select a specific category you want to check out; there are categories for jobs, rentals, vehicles, items from people and more. After selecting the category you want, you can easily view listings of items on the category.
  • If you do not wish to go through the categories, you can simply search for the item you want to buy through the marketplace SEARCH BAR.
  • If you find an item you are interested in, you can click on the item to check out its details. To check out the details, you can simply tap the picture or title.
  • Finally, tap on the “ASK FOR DETAILS” which then automatically send messages to sellers.

How to Sell On Marketplace

You can post listings of your items on marketplace for buyers in your location to discover and purchase with ease by following these steps:

  • Click the SHOP ICON on Facebook app
  • On your marketplace page, you have four options, click on SELL.
  • Select photos of items you want to sell from your camera roll.
  • Label the items you are selling on the WHAT ARE YOU SELLING page,
  • Next, enter a catchy title, a brief and Then click the NEXT button to proceed.
  • Describe the items you are selling; (This is an excellent avenue to tell your buyers exactly what you are selling).
  • Now to proceed to the next step, carefully set market price for all your items on the Facebook Marketplace.
  • So Facebook Marketplace is built in such a way the potential clients can access stuff within their locations which is why you have to enter your Zip code to identify your general location which helps you catch buyers with your locality.
  • Furthermore, you have to choose the category your products fall into on the list provided by Facebook
  • Your listings will now be made available on the marketplace for viewers to see. YOUR ITEMS option gives you access to your listings, where you can update info on your listings, get messages from buyers and reply them too.

In summary, the Marketplace feature is right on your Facebook app, and you can now use it for business purposes. So, if you have a personal item or business product you wish to sell, you can easily do so on the marketplace for buyers in your local area to discover and purchase.

Now if you wish to buy items on Facebook too, you can easily do on marketplace. Just follow the steps we have shown you, and you can do much more on your Facebook app.

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