The Facebook ads manager app was recently introduced for most OS platforms by Facebook to help users manage their Facebook ads campaign on the go.  Since introducing the Facebook ads manager app for mobile users last year, the app has been attracting an estimated 800,000 users each month. The intention is to make life easier for advertisers on Facebook. Now, you can easily monitor your ads or even create new ads while on the go. The hassle-free Facebook ads manager app offers amazing features and of course, it’s user-friendly.

Over the years, lots of business owners have been reaping the profits that come with using the targeted ads platform provided by Facebook. For small-scale business owners, Facebook ads offer you the opportunity to drastically reach a wider audience and skyrocket your returns. If you’re new to this opportunity, check out our article on the Step By Step Guide To Creating The Perfect Facebook Ads For Your Business.

For those familiar with Facebook ads and have used it before, an interesting platform for you is the Facebook business manager. Facebook manager or business manager can be used to create separate ad accounts on Facebook. If you manage many Facebook business pages and make ad payments with more than one payment method then you definitely need Facebook business manager app. Please note that this is different from the Facebook ads manager app. When you enter your business manager page, it takes you directly to business assets on Facebook. There, you’ll have access to your pages, Ads manager (Facebook ads manager) and any other Facebook business-related assets you have. On this platform, you’ll not see your personal feeds or notifications, those are available on your profile. This ensures your business dealings on Facebook is organized.

Features of Facebook ads manager app

As already mentioned, the Facebook ads manager app lets you oversee your ads campaign on the go. Facebook ads manager has long been in existence but only recently was it available as an app for mobile users. The following are some operations you can carry out on the app;

Facebook Ads Manager App

  • You can easily track the performance of your Facebook ads on the Facebook ads manager app
  • You can also edit all your existing ads on the go
  • Also, the app gives you full access to adjusts ad budgets and schedules
  • You can create new ads and finally,
  • You’ll get all notifications regarding your ad campaign via the app

Features of Facebook Business Manager

Again, pages manager for Facebook gives you access to all your Facebook business assets in one spot. It’s an all-inclusive app where you can manage all your Facebook pages, ads, and power editor. The following are some features to enjoy on this platform;

  • Create new Facebook business assets
  • Claim your existing assets, you can even claim your Instagram account from here and all other business accounts you have with Facebook. However, it is very important to emphasize that when claiming assets, you only claim the ones you own. Don’t claim other people’s assets. If you manage assets for clients, you can request access and if granted you can manage from there but don’t claim it. This is especially important for ad accounts because it is possible to remove pages from the business manager but ad accounts cannot be removed.
  • Request access to business assets owned by others; this has been briefly explained above. Nonetheless, in a nutshell, if you don’t own particular assets but you want to manage it, use the request option to gain access to that assets.

Facebook ads manager app download

You can easily download the Facebook ads manager app on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is available on the Google play store and iTunes.

In conclusion, don’t confuse Facebook Ads Manager with Facebook Business Manager. Each has its own functions as we’ve tried to explain. Facebook has developed all these tools to make life easier and give users a great experience while using their platform. We’ll appreciate your comments and we encourage you to share this article amongst your friends.


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