It’s no news that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that has connected millions of people all over the world. If you wish to get in touch with old buddies you miss, you can simply do so on Facebook; you can also meet new people, and basically, keep in contact with the happenings all over the world.

But then, Facebook is not just a platform for sharing videos, or photos with loved ones or scrolling through feeds; it has also become a business platform through which business owners and brand owners expand markets for their products.

They can also create awareness for their products. Facebook business integration enables business owners to link their businesses to Facebook to promote their business on the platform. Also, they can manage their businesses effectively on the platform.

Since Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms, it has a broad outreach for business owners, in which followers are potential clients.

Facebook allows you to create a custom audience and far-reaching campaigns that will put your business out there and help more people discover it and probably patronize it.

Facebook Business Integration settings

Integrating your business with Facebook will help promote your business. It also helps you with tools like Facebook ads that will help create a larger market platform for your business on Facebook. You can get your business out on other social media platforms through Facebook. Get them placed on websites and with the Facebook plugin, you can get more active engagement for your business.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Integration

Before you can set up Facebook business integration, you need to make sure you have a Facebook business account; you need at least 20 contacts before Facebook ads for your business will be delivered, and at least 20 contacts to have an active audience on Facebook. Once you have all these in place, you can now consider setting up your Facebook business integration. To set it up:

  • On the Facebook homepage, scroll down to the bottom and tap SETTINGS & PRIVACY
  • Tap on the integrations button, then search for Facebook Business and tap CONNECT
  • You will get a summary of how Facebook for business works and its features as well, which will give you an insight into what Facebook business is all about.
  • Tap CONNECT to prompt connection to your Facebook business account, you will have to use this prompt to log into your Facebook account if you are already logged in just click CONTINUE to proceed.
  • Choose OK to enable access to manage your adverts which would only be accessible to your audience
  • Then choose a list to send to your Facebook account when a pop-up appears prompting you to do so.
  • Then choose the folder and list you wish to send to your Facebook account from the drop-down list
  • Choose the category you would like to send it to; Active/Inactive/Subscribed/unsubscribed/contacts, then tap CONTINUE to proceed
  • Add necessary info describing your new audience or simply add a name for identification of your new audience, tap CREATE CUSTOM AUDIENCE
  • Accept Facebook Terms of Service at this level if you have not done so before, then navigate back to CREATE CUSTOM AUDIENCE option
  • Once you finish the steps, your contacts will be added to your new audience
  • After this is done your new audience for Facebook business will pop up, you can then click on it to view audience history.


Facebook is already a very popular social media platform, what better way can you promote your business online than using a platform which already has millions of people patronizing it and lots people making money off the platform.

When you talk about online presence or availability of market online, Facebook probably comes to your mind. And it even presents ways for you to integrate your business on the platform and manage your business effectively on the platform using its tools to promote your business online.

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