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How to Sell on Pinterest | What Sells on Pinterest | How to Make a Buyable Pin

How to Sell on Pinterest – Pinterest is a visual engine and a social media platform for sharing personal interests, connecting with people with similar interests, and finding new ideas.

Pinterest has gone through various stages over the years, and its popularity grew tremendously in 2013.

Now, Pinterest is considered one of the fast-growing social media platforms for connecting with people for fun and for business purposes. Millions of people all over the world connect on Pinterest to share visual images of their interests and ideas with other users.

Like, we all know Pinterest has a way of connecting people with similar interests and allows users to share their interests.

Business owners can maximize this platform for the promotion of their brands and the growth of their customer base.

As a business owner, you can share compelling photos of your business products and connect with users with interests in such products so that they can see your products and patronize your brand.

Pinterest is definitely a platform that you can use for marketing your brand and reaching your target audience; we will walk you through the steps of selling on Pinterest.

How to Sell on Pinterest

How to Sell on Pinterest

Pinterest may not have a user base as large as that of Facebook, but with over 200 million monthly active users on Pinterest, it can be considered a quite powerful e-marketing platform.

Therefore, Pinterest cannot be left out when it comes to online buying and selling; most US users also patronize it.

To sell on Pinterest, follow these steps:

  • Set up your business account, you can set up your business account by visiting
  • Then click on PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS, then choose to JOIN AS A BUSINESS
  • Enter important business info, accept Pinterest terms of service, and then click on CREATE ACCOUNT.
  • If you have a personal account and you don’t wish to create a new business account, you can change it to a business account. Selling through a business account gives your business credibility.
  • To change your personal profile to a business account, click on SWITCH TO BUSINESS button on your account.
  • Add important business details like username, logo, websites, locations, and any other info required.
  • Describe your brand name, brand, and pinned content using keywords. Pinterest is similar to Google; therefore, the optimization of keywords is important.
  • Describe what you offer, add descriptions to the images on your Pinterest board, and link them to your product page.
  • Hashtags are also quite important on Pinterest just like on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Use hashtags effectively for customers to find your products with ease on Pinterest.
  • Add buyable pins to sell products with ease; it allows customers to purchase instantly from your product page. It also allows users to have access to ADD A BAG button from your pin, which connects them easily to your store to purchase items. However, buyable pins are available for businesses using Big Commerce and Shopify selling platforms.
  • You can also use rich pins for selling of products on Pinterest. The rich pins connect the business platform to Pinterest, info updated on your original website will reflect on Pinterest for users to see.

What Sells on Pinterest?

Before setting out to sell business products on Pinterest, you have first to ensure that your products will sell on the platform.

Not all products sell on Pinterest; this is why it is important to find out what kind of products sell on Pinterest.

  • Lots of products sell on Pinterest but are your business product part of these products that sell on Pinterest? You need to ask yourself this question first before making any other move.
  • The secret to selling on Pinterest is first knowing if it is the right platform for your brand and also gaining the right audience for your business.
  • Products like adult products, live animals, weapons, weight loss products and services, tobacco, healthcare, political ads are not allowed to sell on Pinterest. If you intend to sell any of these products, then Pinterest is not the platform for your business.
  • You have to look through Pinterest categories and ensure your products fit into these categories. The categories include cars, Designs, Hair and Beauty, Home Decor, Food and Drink, and many others.
  • Pinterest users make use of promoted pins, search to check out categories and what they wish to buy. So, if your products fall into these categories, you stand a greater chance of reaching your target audience.
  • Pinterest is a visual sharing platform, so if your brand deals with more visual products or services, this means Pinterest is definitely right for your business.


With over 200 million active users on Pinterest, it can never be overlooked as a powerful platform for online marketing.

Though not as large and as popular as Facebook, lots of business owners are already using this platform to grow their business and generate sales.

Some internet users do not know how to go about selling on Pinterest or what particularly sells on Pinterest; this is why we’ve explained the necessary aspects you need to know about selling on Pinterest. With the insights we have given you, now you can sell with ease on Pinterest.

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