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Instagram Business Account – Instagram is a quite powerful platform for online marketing, with over 800 million monthly active users, it stands to be much more than a platform for just following celebrities and favorite contents.

A good percentage of users who visit Instagram daily check out one or two business contents and who knows your business account might just be one.

Instagram is a sensational world of photos; now, you can take advantage of this to post compelling photos of your brand to attract users.

But before you can get there, you need first to create a business account on Instagram.

Instagram Business Account Sign Up

Instagram Business Account Sign Up

Your business account is quite different from your personal account on Instagram; it has specific features geared at helping your profile have a business outlook.

Let’s walk you through how you can create a business account on Instagram:

  • You have to download the app and sign up using your email address or phone number.
  • Then you can choose a username
  • Or you can simply decide to create an account through Facebook. You can log in using your Facebook details, and then you can link the accounts.
  • If you already have a personal profile on Instagram, you can create a business account by connecting to Facebook.
  • Locate the three dots (menu icon) on the OPTIONS button at the top right corner of your profile.
  • Select the Facebook business page you wish to link to your Instagram business profile.
  • You have to choose which category your business falls into so that people will easily understand the kind of business you run.
  • Add important business info like website, phone number, contact address, and more.
  • Review your business info for errors and make necessary changes on the SET UP YOUR BUSINESS PROFILE page.
  • Tap DONE once you are done with these steps, and your Instagram business account is ready.

How to Sell your Goods on Instagram

Setting up a business account on Instagram is just the first of starting your business on the platform. After setting up your account, you have more work to do if you want to promote your brand on Instagram.

We will help you with some tips for marketing brand on your Instagram business account.

  • After creating your business account, the next step is to start posting awesome contents, high-quality contents that will attract the interest of users.
  • Ensure your bio is appealing; you need to add high-quality photos and good descriptions of yourself and your business. Your bio is probably the first thing user’s check out when they visit your page, and it is equally what makes you stand out amongst many users on the platform.
  • Followers are important for the growth of your business account; more followers mean more customers and a high level of engagement on your account.
  • Hashtags are keywords for finding various contents and posts on Instagram. Do the research and find the kind of hashtag your customers use then incorporate it on your posts so that when users use such hashtags, they can find your contents.
  • Engage your customers and create a good personal relationship between you and them.
  • Show proof of customer satisfaction in using your products, post photos of them wearing your products to attract other customers, and keep the old ones loyal to you.
  • Post link of your website through the URL in your bio, this will make it easy for customers to visit your website with just one click.
  • Make use of Instagram ads; this will help you promote your product better on the platform and reach your target audience with ease.
  • You can also use Influencers; they will help create a high level of exposure for your business and get users to patronize your brand.
  • You can send followers direct messages to visit your website and patronize your business — items you have on sale. Use call-to-action like SHOP NOW or FOLLOW NOW, it has a way of getting users to visit your page or website when they are reluctant to do so.
  • Make use of call-to-action to get users to visit your website and check out it


Once you have tried out these tips, and you are dedicated to seeing your business account grow, then you are definitely on your way to becoming one of the successful businesses on Instagram.

It doesn’t happen in a day; this is why it requires a high level of dedication and consistency. With these tips we’ve given you, you will start getting good results.

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