Microsoft registry cleaner – How to Clean Your Computer’s Registry

Microsoft registry cleaner has a basic task which is to search and remove registry entries that are no longer needed. Windows registry cleaner help PC owners to remove outdated registry entries from the windows registry. These registry entries come from uninstalled programs or maybe created by other windows services. Practically, whenever you use your PC, you leave behind an entry in the windows registry. It is the job of the windows OS to clean these entries from the registry to avoid a huge backlog. However, the OS takes a long time to get to it and this could prove harmful. Registry cleaners take advantage of this laziness on the part of Windows OS to help users take care of this issue. However, you must note that the use of third-party Microsoft registry cleaner doesn’t miraculously turn your computer into a supercomputer as some of them might claim.

Third party Microsoft registry cleaner does not boost PC performance, nor does it make your system any faster than usual. Its job is merely to remove unwanted or outdated registry entries. It certainly has its advantages but don’t expect miracles. Numerous third-party Microsoft registry cleaner exists on the internet. Some of them are free while a lot more are paid for. Nonetheless, the free Registry cleaner always get the job done and you’ll only need the paid version in some critical situations. Also, note that registry cleaners are volatile and can even be harmful to your PC if not properly managed. If you are going to use a third party Microsoft registry cleaner, it is highly recommended that you back up your files.

Microsoft registry cleaner

Best third party Microsoft registry cleaner

As we’ve already pointed out, none of these registry cleaner guarantees total removal of errors in the PC’s registry but some are very effective. Below is a list of top free registry cleaners for Microsoft Windows;

  • CCleaner: CCleaner is one of the best computer optimization tool available on the market. It has a very user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. Its inbuilt registry cleaning tool works just like the native Microsoft registry cleaner. It also has a paid version which provides automatic browser cleaning, user support, and real-time monitoring. Click here now to get CCleaner
  • Wise Registry Cleaner: this comes with a top-notch user interface and can also be run via command prompt. It comes with a 2 mode option of fast and deep scan and categorizes its result for better management. Check out more about Wise Registry Cleaner here
  • Auslogics Registry Cleaner: this registry cleaner offers a categorized view and lets you tick the wants you want to fix. It tells you the severity of the encountered registry error and comes with a simple interface. It also backs up registry changes to avoid any eventuality. Click here to check out Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Some other top third-party Microsoft registry cleaner; Glarysoft’s Registry Repair, SlimCleaner registry cleaner tool, Easy Cleaner, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and JetClean by BlueSprig.


Most third-party Microsoft registry cleaner are billed out to be the next best thing. But you must be very careful on how you use these apps. If left unchecked, they can simply delete very useful files in the registry and you’d run into trouble. I’m not a very big fan of these apps but nevertheless, third-party Microsoft registry cleaner can be helpful. It can help track down rogue registry entries and delete them. So, check them out but be careful while using them.

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