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Top 10 Insurance Companies in America – You definitely need a guideline in choosing which company insures your home, your health, your life your business and others. This list of Top 10 Insurance Companies in USA which surely help you make that choice.

We face risks in our daily Endeavour, there are unforeseen circumstances that push us beyond our limits. However, how do we face these circumstances and still bounce back like they never happened? Insurance companies sure do have some answers to this question. The American society is a fast-growing one, being insured keeps individuals and businesses afloat despite the risks involved in undertaking these ventures.

But then individuals get to choose which insurance company works best for them. We will take you through some insurance companies that rates highly as one of the Top 10 Insurance Companies in USA. Insurance is something Americans do not play with. It is almost tradition for every adult or family to have insurance schemes protecting their business, property, life e.t.c.

The companies in this list are insurance companies which have a regional presence, and projects the interests of customers in their services, have quick payout and are also affordable.

 These companies have made insurance and protection of individuals from high risk their primary focus. Reliability of companies, pay out claims, customer service, financial strength of the companies and affordable rates are possible things you ought to look out when choosing an insurance company.

Why go through the stress of checking these companies by yourself when you have us to do so for you? Check out the Top 10 Insurance Companies in USA you surely do want to work with to get the best services in America.

Top 10 Insurance Companies in America

Top 10 Insurance Companies in the USA

It might not be the hardest decision to make, but if you want to make the right one, look up the 10 top insurance companies we have compiled to guide you in making your choice.

  • ALLSTATE: You are looking into getting the best services, they have the very best agents to see to your needs and have also got good coverage. They also offer convenient ways to pay your bills including online option. They have continued to be one of the leading insurance companies over the years.
  • AAA: The American Automobile Association provides exclusive car insurance services to its customers including roadside assistance and has over 58 million members in Canada and the United States. It also offers home and life insurance schemes at affordable rates.
  • MANULIFE: It is a multinational insurance company with its headquarters in Toronto. It is a leading insurance company that provides financial services. They ensure that the customer’s interests stay as their priority at all times, they have high financial strength and are quite reliable to work with.
  • AFLAC: This insurance company was listed 118 in Forbes list, how wonderful! Their services are great; rates are affordable and pay out quite fast.  It provides financial protection for over 50 million individual all over the world and is quite famous for their payroll deduction insurance coverage.
  • AIG: This is one of the globally recognized insurance companies in America, their coverage is terrific, and customer’s interest is a priority to them. It was ranked the 60th on the 2018 fortune 500 list. They provide personal insurance services as well as travel insurance services.

More Top Rated Insurance Companies in America

  • AIA GROUP LIMITED: It is a Pan-Asian insurance group which is one of the Top 10 Insurance Companies in America; they provide life and general insurance services as well as insurance services for businesses. They aim always to satisfy their customers at all cost.
  • LIBERTY MUTUAL: Is an insurance company whose primary interest is helping individuals stand on their feet and put their lives back after facing risks or damages. It might not be the cheapest. However, it sure does have the insured’s interest in hand first before any other thing. It specializes in providing home insurance, car insurance, and life insurance services.
  • STATE FARM:  This is one of the largest insurance life insurance companies, also offers home and car insurance services at subsidized rates and also has fast claims services.
  • CHUBB LIMITED GROUP: This is also one of the leading insurance companies in the USA and has its headquarters in Zurich. It provides services tailored to customer satisfaction. It gives car insurance service, travel insurance, and personal insurance services at affordable rates with good payout time.
  • NATIONWIDE INSURANCE: Nationwide is an insurance company in the USA that provides insurance coverage services on homes, cars, pets, and businesses. It also offers services such as retirement plans and speciality health services. Their insurance rates are quite affordable, and it served its customers for a good number of years.


So, here you have it the list of the leading Top 10 Insurance Companies in America. Definitely the insurance companies you need to check out before taking that huge step of choosing the insurance company to match your needs, remember your interest is the priority.

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