Family Christmas Movies | Top Christmas movies for the family

Family Christmas Movies – Whether you’re looking for a comic movie, or just a heartwarming tale to watch this Christmas season, these movies listed below will help keep your family entertained for hours with no full moments.

And someone said, “I plan to spend my Christmas watching my favorite movies from when I was young,” hilarious right?

Movies watched during festive periods, especially Christmas seasons helps keep the family United. Some top Christmas movies that can be watched together as a family includes;

Family Christmas Movies

List of Top Christmas Family Films

  • It’s a wonderful life – one of America’s best movies produced 1946 by Frank captain film. A man with big ambitions who defers his dream of leaving small-town Bedford falls but makes personal sacrifices that create a staggering ripple effect of inspirational goodwill on earth.
  • Miracle on 34th St – Macy hires gentle Kris triangle to be her departmental store at, Nick but his stellar commitment to the job has all the kids in awe of him. Unfortunately for Kris, many considered his wonderful behavior and magical effect quite unusual, so unusual that he ends up at Bellevue.
  • A Christmas story – a classic movie that gives us an infamous leg lamp, Red Ryder, BBC guns, and, most importantly taught us never to lock a frozen pole.
  • Plains, Trains, and Automobiles – a movie released in 1987 which features two great comedians trapped in the car on their way home for the Christmas holidays.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas – a cartoon movie Charlie Brown seeks to discover the true meaning of Christmas with the help of his friends (dog and one tiny Christmas tree). Find out if he truly discovered the meaning of Christmas in this exciting movie.
  •  Home alone –  an 8years old boy’s family leaves him behind by accident while they go on Christmas vacation. The little boy comes up with a brilliant and hilarious idea to prevent robbers from robbing their home.
  • The man who invented Christmas – a story on how Charles dickens dreams up the classic, “a Christmas Carol stars.”
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol – if you wish to introduce a classic Christmas tale to your kids, start then with this musical comedy movie.
  • Rudolph the red-nosed – Rudolph was given the cold shoulder for his appearance, everyone laughed and called him all kinds of names.
  • Elf – New York City is a wonderful place to spend the holiday season but rather too awkward for Elf himself. Will Elf be able to adjust to New York norms, or will he make his way back to Santa’s workshop?


Other Christmas movies for the family includes; the nightmare before Christmas, the great puppet, four Christmases, white Christmas, Scrooged, Eloise at Christmas time, Tokyo godfathers, National lampoons Christmas vacation,  The polar express, holiday affair, love actually, babes in Toyland, due hard, holiday inn, the Santa Claus, How the grinch stole Christmas, and many more.

In conclusion, watching your favorite exciting movies this Christmas season would really wake up your Christmas spirit. Christmas movies inspire and enlighten up the family, bring joy and togetherness to a family.