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Zoosk Dating Website is a widespread online dating service that was founded in Fremont California in the year 2007. This network has grown so large that it is accessible in 80 countries around the world and in 25 languages. This is a huge break for a social connectivity platform. The present CEO in charge of Zoosk is a vibrant man by the name ‘Kelly Steckelberg’.

Although Kelly wasn’t the founder of this platform, he has succeeded in pushing it to become one of the most appreciated dating websites in the world. However, the original founders of this site are two (2) smart individuals whose names are; Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh.  As at the year 2014, Zoosk was spotted to have 174 employees. No online dating service has this much in number. After being founded by Alex and Shayan in the year 2007 from the brilliant idea of these two fellas, it was officially launched at the ending part of that year (December 2017).

Zoosk Dating Website

More about Zoosk Dating Website

This dating service has been known to have collected loads of awards from the time it was released until now. It was one time given the recognition of the 3rd most known dating app in America and the 5th in the globe. It is a private company and was at one time awarded the fastest growing private company resident in the USA.

Zoosk Dating Website is available for users from age 18 and above. The match takes place as a result of attractiveness from a user’s profile which includes; messaging and clicks. Also, for everyone, there is a desired outcome they want when they make use of services. Your data is the key to getting a partner on this site so take it seriously. This is actually based on algorithmic recommendations technology.

Zoosk App

Zoosk App is available for Android and IOS devices. You can get this app simply by getting on your Apple app store and your Google Playstore. Installing these app flows a very easy process. The processes are as follows;

  • Get on your Apple app store or Google Playstore
  • Go on the search menu
  • Type ‘Zoosk app’
  • And then, Download and Install.

Subsequently, improvements have been made on the app and an example of this is ‘Lively’. This was released in mid-2016 for IOS devices. It is a dating app which helps users upload photos and video clip at any time. It is just like the Facebook Video Uploader but Lively is specially for Zoosk.

Currently, this private company has its headquarters in San Franciso with hundreds of employees. To access Zoosk Dating Website, just go on your URL search menu and type in www.zoosk.com. Mind you, you can download the app and register with it the service. Finally, you can now enjoy online dating, by using this global platform today.


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