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Facebook Instant Games – Facebook is always developing and adding new features to the platform to encourage users to spend more time on the platform. Facebook instant games are one of such features developed for game lovers to enjoy playing games on the platform.

Facebook Instant Games is simply a place on Facebook with varieties of games by released different developers, where users can visit to play games of their choice. Facebook has also monetized this section by adding In-app purchase; you can download the apps on Android devices.

Developers can take advantage of this new feature to advertise their games and get people to play it. Facebook has incorporated an ad format for games that prompt users to go from seeing or clicking an ad to actually playing them directly on Facebook or messenger.

Facebook Instant Games

Developers pay Facebook for advertisements, which helps Facebook to generate revenue from this new feature.

Facebook Instant Games was launched in 2016 as a closed beta, and it hosted billions of games up to 2018.

Furthermore, Facebook Instant games were initially limited to specific developers and popular games like Word. With friends was part of the games on the platform.

However, Facebook has now made Instant Games open for any developer who wants to release their games on Facebook. Now, Facebook has over 20 billion game sessions played across 5,000 titles and more.

Play Instant Games on Facebook

  • Instant games can be played instantly through the Games sections on the platform, and games can be played on devices compatible with Facebook and Messenger. Users can access games through Facebook or messenger and play them easily. The fun thing about this gaming platform is that you can play it instantly. The available games on the platform are in the form of HTML5, so you are required to download games, and you can play games despite network problems.
  • Users can easily access games without having to download apps or paying for any app, Instant Games section is right on Fb, and users can play games there or on their messenger and newsfeed.
  • Fb instant games enable users to connect even more; friends can play games with their friends to spend more time with their friends. Especially social games that require users connecting with other game lovers, or joining game communities to play games as a team. Games like a word with friends have made Instant Games more popular and by encouraging people to play together to decipher the puzzles in the game. This becomes an effective way to catch up with friends or family members, which is the main purpose of Facebook.
Facebook Instant Games
  • The Facebook Game community keeps growing, and almost 90 million users are part of 270K game groups on Facebook. Game lovers can join these groups to discuss games, popular titles on Instant Games and increase social interaction with people all over the world.
  • Developers can monetize Facebook Instant Games by using Facebook games ads to reach game lovers. In-app purchases are now available for developers to incorporate on Android devices and IOS devices. Developers can take advantage of the wide customer base Facebook has, with over 2 billion users on Facebook, it is definitely and an ideal place for developers to release their games.
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