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Facebook Apps and Games | Facebook App Center

Facebook is known all over the world, and its popularity keeps growing because of the varieties of features it has and how it has created a network of connections between individuals from different parts of the world. Now you can interact with your old buddies, get to meet new people, post pictures and photos of yourself on the platform, get to know what’s happening around the world and even promote your business on the platform.

Facebook has created a whole lot of opportunities for its users and has continued to be rated as one of the most used social media platforms all over the world. Facebook apps and games are another set of awesome features that make this platform an even more interesting and exciting one.

It creates this exciting world for its users, their own community where they can interact with people they know, scroll through feeds and get in touch with friends; it is basically your own world online.

But the Facebook platform doesn’t just end in interacting with friends and sharing photos and videos with your friends, it also has its own apps and games that users can enjoy while on the platform.

Also, there are varieties of games you can play and apps on your Facebook app, a world of games where you can have fun on the platform and you can access them through the app center.

So, Facebook is a lot more than a place for posting videos and photos, you can have fun, play games of different types and even connect with your friends on the platform to play the games with you.

Facebook Apps and Games

How to Access Facebook Apps and Games

The Facebook App Center has varieties of apps can choose from, it is quite similar to Google’s play store or Appstore where you just have to search and get the app you want right on the platform.  

The Facebook app center is the primary place to find varieties of games, so if you are rated lover of games, you can now access them on your Facebook and enjoy varieties of games. The apps become integrated with your Facebook profile and you get notifications from the app on your Facebook account. You can access your app center by:

  • Searching APP CENTER on the search bar of your Facebook app or you can click MENU, and then select GAMES from the APPS section that appears. This will take you to the App Centre. You can also decide to search for the games on your Facebook app, then like the games’ page to keep getting its latest updates,
  • On the APP CNETRE page, you can skim through the list of apps to choose what appeals to you but if you have something in mind already, you can simply type it on the search bar the Facebook app center only showcases well designed games which are popular amongst users, so if what you are looking doesn’t fall in this category you might end up not finding it.
  • If the app you are looking for is available on Facebook app center the app pops up on the screen when you search for it. You can then click on the image and get a brief description of the app, shows you the number of games being played, how many likes the game has and how many people are playing the game. You might get to see which of friends are playing the game; the information on each game varies sometimes.
  • Then you can click PLAY NOW to start enjoying the game, but by clicking PLAY NOW, the game gains access to your Facebook info like your profile, list of friends and email address, however you can edit the info if you are not comfortable with sharing so much.
  • There are flag icons at the top right corner of the page for some apps where you can click to play the game directly. However, you can only play these games on your Facebook, you cannot download them on your computer.

How to Turn on Facebook Game and Apps Notifications

If you wish to get notifications about your favorite Facebook games and apps, you can simply turn on your notifications to get a heads-up about your Facebook app and games. It is quite easy to do on your mobile browser:

  • Just tap the menu icon on your page
  • Then tap SETTINGS on the list of options that appear
  • Then on the settings section, scroll down to NOTIFICATIONS and tap NOTIFICATION SETTINGS
  • After that, tap NOTIFICATIONS FROM APP
  • Then tap the app to turn on its notifications, if you wish to turn it off you can follow these steps and still turn it off.

For Your Android Facebook App

  • Tap the menu icon at the top of your app
  • Then scroll down to SETTINGS & PRIVACY, then click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS
  • Tap APPS, then you can turn the notification on

For iPhone Facebook App

  • Click the menu icon
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page to SETTINGS AND PRIVACY
  • Then click on SETTINGS, then scroll down to NOTIFICATIONS, then tap NOTIFICATION SETTINGS
  • Tap APPS, then you can turn on notifications.
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