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How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger | Dark Mode Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger dark mode – Most online platforms have ways to change their visual looks, and these changes are being updated every time. 

Now Facebook has decided to include different modes in their platforms although they are currently only two modes in the Facebook platform, which is the dark mode and the normal mode.

These modes are as a result of high demand by users that want their chatting platforms or their pages or their personal profiles to have a different unique look.

Facebook tries as much as possible to satisfy every customer or user of their platform; that is why there are two modes the dark mode and the light mode.

Facebook messenger dark mode

Features of the Fb Messenger Dark Mode

The dark mode in the Facebook messenger platform is a kind of unique mode created by Facebook for users that have a different feeling about Facebook.

Although the main essence of creating such diverse styles is for users to have the best experience especially for those who complain of light sensitivity from the normal white theme.

These are the major features of dark mode in Facebook messenger:

  • It is easy to use: using the Facebook messenger night theme or the dark mode in the Facebook messenger is very straightforward; it doesn’t require any much stress or technicality.
  • It is user-friendly: the Facebook dark mode in Facebook messenger comes as a way to help users change their preferences when using the application so it gives them the option to change from dark mode to the normal mode smoothly and the option is easily accessible.

These features show that Facebook dark mode in the messenger platform is easy to set up and turn on and doesn’t require much stress.

How to Use the Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Using the dark theme Facebook messenger platform is very easy and straightforward, unlike the settings in some application in which users have to go through a long process to get their preferences right.

However, to proceed, you must first be registered on the Facebook platform and have the Messenger app.

If you already have this, then proceed to login with your account details if not, follow these easy steps to create your Facebook account and switch immediately to messenger dark mode.

  • Open browser
  • login
  • Log on unto existing Facebook account
  •  If you don’t have an existing  Facebook account
  • Open a new account on the Facebook platform
  • Put your names
  •  Include phone number
  •  Choose  on gender and  birthday date
  • Select new password
  • After registration of the Facebook account
  • Select on the messenger icon in Facebook home page
  •  It would redirect you to the device Applications Store
  • Download the messenger application  from the Application Store
  •  Open messenger and put Facebook username and password
  • Tap on account photo
  • The dark mode option is directly under the photo click to change it.

These are the steps to follow when a user wants to turn on the dark mode on their Facebook messenger platform or application. You can also follow these steps if you’re new to the Facebook platform.

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