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Facebook Messenger Games – Messenger is simply a messaging app that enables users to connect with friends, share videos, photos, and other files, use GIF to express themselves and more. But now, with the gaming section added to messenger, it is totally more than just a place for chatting with friends.

You can play varieties of games alone and with friends, and find it hard to leave the platform once you start playing. The social games and multiplayer games are great ways to connect with friends by playing favorite games together.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still use the messenger app to play games if you use it to send messages to friends.

It is a standalone app separate from the standard Facebook app, and once you download it from Google play store or App Store, and launch the app, you can start playing as many games as possible right on the app.

Facebook Messenger Games

How Do You Find and Play Games on Facebook Messenger

Messenger is an awesome place to play games, there are varieties of games on the platform, and you can play them right on the app.

  • To find games on messenger, you need to find the Games icon. To find the game’s icon click on the plus sign at the bottom left, this will open more options.
  • Click GAMES controller icon, and you will get to see lists of games that you can play
  • Now you have to select one game, there different kinds of games.
  • You can simply click the PLAY button next to the game you want to play. Also, you can also challenge your friends to play games with you
  • You can also find games by searching them on the search bar on Messenger or Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook Messenger Games List

There are varieties of games on messenger which may make it hard for users to make a selection. We have listed out the best and popular games on messenger for you to enjoy, now you can join friends to talk about awesome games you have played on the Messenger.

Next time you are navigating through the games section on messenger, don’t be confused on what game to choose, just simply check out these ones we have listed and you will surely have a great time. Try these awesome Facebook Messenger Games:


This is an awesome game to play if you love action games. Your goal in the game is to kill dive-bombing aliens, kill as many as possible to score maximum points. Just simply slide back and forth to shoot down spaceship. The game is designed to be simple, and you can easily control the game with ease.


Love the idea of being a fairy; you can totally become one right on this game. To score points in this game you need to fly through the air and blast down as many demons as possible. Try to gather as many coins as possible while playing games; this will help you get more weapons to keep shooting down demons.

Facebook Messenger Games

What you simply need to do in this game is to rotate and slide bricks to their right position. Rotate and clear games while listening to featured songs while you play games. Simply tap the blocks to rotate and move them to their right position.


This is a popular word game that can be played with friends. It is a puzzle game in which you have to provide the right spellings to specific words to earn points.


This is a popular classic game, and it is simple for you to play. Just slide your finger to kill as many alien hoards as possible, to keep progressing in the game.


This is definitely for Sudoku puzzle lovers, and all you have to do is to fill up all the boxes to earn points. It has three different levels, easy, intermediate, and hard.


Soccer lovers, this is totally for you guys, you can have that foot match experience right on this game. To earn points in this game you need to hit the goalie and score more goals. To earn more points, you need to go for tougher targets. As you move from level to level on this game, it gets more difficult.


The game player aims to arrange tiles of similar colors together to make them disappear. Just simply identify tiles of the same color and place them together till they disappear. The game ends when there is just only one color of tile remaining. It is a simple game, but it can also be quite challenging.

More Messenger Games

  • 2020 CONNECT

In this game, you need to connect tiles with similar numbers until they form a big tile. It is a puzzle game and can get a bit tough, just keep connecting tiles until you create even much bigger tiles that will earn you high points.


You can play this awesome game with friends, just challenge them, and see who gets to be the winner. You can decide to play 8 ball mode or 9 ball mode, they are both available on the game, and you can decide to play the one you want.


This is another awesome game on messenger; it is quite challenging and intriguing too. All you need to do is to eat an apple on a field to keep growing into a big snake, but you have to also protect yourself from a monster snake that visits the field. Move left-right to keep yourself protected on the field.


You love the idea of being batman, batgirl or Robin, well you can be that on this game. Your aim in this game should be to climb as high as possible on the wall while avoiding several hurdles on your way up. Remember to collect as many coins as possible while you do your climbing.

Facebook Messenger Games

You need to select a friend to play as your opponent, and you guys can find who is better at making the right moves. If you love chess games, you can now play them right on your messenger app.


You need to place pieces of multicolored hexagons into the playing area to gain points in the game. You lose out when there is no more space in the playing area to place your piece.


This is a quite popular game in which you need to defeat your opponent to gain points. The game has various modes, in the Tournament mode you need to win maximum winning from your opponent, and in the Solitary mode you need to win money from five hands.

  • UNO

This is another popular game on the platform, it is a shedding card game, and if you love card games, you can play this one right on messenger. It has four modes: Go Wild, Room mode, Quickplay, 2V2 Mode, and you can select the mode you want, learn the rules, and start enjoying the game.


There are other games on the platform, but these are amongst the best and popular games on Messenger.

To find these awesome games, you simply search for them on the search bar on messenger. Now you have found an awesome way to spend time on messenger app; it might be quite difficult for you to leave because of the plethora of games available on messenger.

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