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SEO Explanation – SEO might sound like a whole lot, but it is simply the logic behind the rankings of websites based on their popularity and relevance to users’ searches. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is a digital marketing strategy that involves optimizing your website to get organic (unpaid) traffic from search engine results page.

Certain qualities such as contents and others can make your sites appear at the top of a search engine when users search for topics related to what your site is about. These search engines go through processes of scanning through pages using an algorithm to determine pages that are not just of high qualities but also relevant to users’ searches.

SEO Explanation

These search engines want to deliver the best search results to their users, and this is why websites go through this screening process, which determines their ranking on the website.

SEO Explanation – SEO is simply the process websites go through to ensure that their contents are presented at the top page of a search engine. This helps to increase the visibility of the platform and get it as many customers as possible.

Various factors determine your page’s SEO, and you have to consider these if you want your site to have a backbone.

SEO is simply marketing rules that focus on influencing the quality and quantity of organic traffic you get on your webpage.

How does SEO work?

These search engines have a crawler that scans through pages to find interconnected documents available on the page. The algorithm is a mathematical process that search engines use in sorting through sites, determining their rankings before ranking them based on their popularity and relevance.

The content and the relevance to the searcher are very important factors used in determining a webpage’s SEO, so you need to consider your searcher while creating contents on your Page. There are billions of websites available online, so getting to the top of any search engine is a serious competition between websites.

Now, SEO helps you optimize your page effectively to get a high ranking on any search engine; this means searchers can easily find your contents. This then means that you are generating lots of traffic on a page, which is, in turn, increasing the popularity of your website.

SEO Explanation – SEO involves series of steps you need to take or efforts you need to put in to make your page rank higher in Google search engine; this means creating high-quality contents, contents relevant to searchers, designing your website to enable easy navigation, adding relevant links to your webpage and many other factors.

If you are competing for traffic, you need to know the best practices to improve your website’s ranking on any search engine and putting the right effort to get generate traffic and conversions for your website.

So, when a user searches for topics on any search engine, that search engine presents a list of websites with contents related to that topic.

Now, the websites that appear at the top are the websites that passed the search engine’s test. These search engines are considered the ones that have adopted the best SEO practices.

Factors That Affect SEO Ranking

There are, of course, varieties of factors that determine the Search engine optimization ranking your website gets. Various on-site and off-site factors affect your website’s SEO, but we will tell you about some basic and important ones that can help improve your site’s SEO ranking.

  • Website’s contents

Going for high-quality contents not only increase the ranking of your page on search engines but also prompts users to spend quality time on your webpage.

Search engines usually go for quality contents that searchers will benefit from; poor contents usually get very low ranking. Create contents that have high quality and great relevance to your human visitor.

So you need to consider both the search engine and your human visitors while creating contents on your webpage. You can create varieties of contents that are well written that would be relevant to your visitors.

  • keywords & Phrases

Another important factor you need to pay attention to while creating your contents and looking for a high ranking on any search engine is using the right keywords and phrases.

Searchers use keywords when posting their queries to these search engines when you create contents related to these phrases this will likely increase the ranking of your page on any search engine.

  • Up-to-date contents

This can also play a role in determining the ranking of your page on any search engine. You need to create fresh contents that are relevant to your visitor’s searches.

Find out what people are talking about online or what things people are searching for on search engines, add new updates to your content, and keep your readers interested.

Remember, search engines want to provide users with information that are both useful and relevant to their searches too.

SEO Explanation
  • Links on your websites

It’s not just about the contents you write and post on your website, it also about external links you add to your website.

Now you need to look for links that are connected to your site, find websites that have authoritative and relevant contents, and post such links on your website. This helps to boost your platform as a place with relevant documents too.

  • Consider mobile users

Most users want to access any online info with ease right on their mobile devices. A large percentage of users are likely going to abandon your website if it is not mobile-friendly.

Most users navigating the website are using their mobile devices to do, and the level of traffic generated on websites are mostly mobile users.

  • Domain Authority

Awesome contents are nice but how much trust do these search engines have in your website.

Domain Authority is a kind of metric that shows how much trust your site has garnered or built over the years.

Your domain name also needs to align with the major keywords you are targeting. Your domain authority often depends on how long your website has existed.

  • Site designs

Sites that have easy navigation and that are compatible with all types of mobile devices are often ranked high in the search results page.

You have to structure and design your page in such a way that it loads quite fast on mobile devices, to make users enjoy their experiences on the platform.


Finally, in SEO explanation, remember that SEO form the backbone of your website, so you need to put all your efforts to work on your site’s SEO ranking. When you adopt the best SEO practices, the reward is having your page ranked quite high on the search results page, which means more visibility for your page.

There are billions of sites competing for the ranking, so you need to take the factors that impact SEO ranking quite seriously if you want to be at the top of the game. Create relevant contents, optimize the use of keywords, consider your searcher, and remember other factors that affect your site’s SEO ranking.

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