Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA | Best Car Insurance Companies 2021

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA – If you are looking specifically for the leading car insurance companies in the USA, then do not worry because we have all covered. There are certain things you look up while choosing the auto insurance company to work with like, is their payout claims good? Are their ratings affordable?

Does this company have good policies? What is their financial strength and do they have their customer’s interests as the priority?  Our cars face a great deal of risk each day we take them out on the road, but do we have to take them, don’t we?

Nevertheless, we do not want to see them damaged; therefore we need reliable insurance companies to protect our cars from future damages and assure us of the safety of our cars every day.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA

What are the 10 best Car Insurance Companies in the USA?

We have compiled a list of the top leading car insurance company in the USA below;

  • STATE FARM: State farm automobile insurance company has its headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois, that provides car protection insurance services. It offers good insurance policies, offers good discount and has a good payout time. State farm has special services such as the payoff protectors service which helps with every vehicle loan. It can also help you to stop paying charges for a stolen or damaged car.
  • ALLSTATE: This insurance company is one of the notable insurance companies in the USA and provides quality services at quite affordable rates. It is one of the pioneers of auto insurance services having acquired discount auto broker in 2011. Allstate offers drivers easier repairs, faster claims, roadside assistance, and good payout claims. It also has coverage for uninsured drivers and rental reimbursements. The discount offers make the services more palatable to the insured.
  • BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC: This insurance company is one of the largest insurance companies across the globe and provides quite amazing services for its customers. They offer insurance services to individual car owners or companies that own fleet of cars. They possess the knowledge and techniques for the protection of automobiles.
  • LIBERTY MUTUAL: Liberty mutual group is one of the globally recognized insurance companies in America that also provides car insurance services. The discounts are good, and the customer interest and satisfaction is a priority. They offer better car rental services, tow and labor services, and car replacement services as well.
  • TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANIES: This is also one of the largest insurance companies in the USA with its headquarters in New York City. They provide one of the best auto and travel policies.  This insurance company aims to minimize risk, help their customers prepare for the unknown, prevent losses and provide services that give individual confidence they need to feel secure.

More Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in America

  • PROGRESSIVE CORP: Is one of the leading American insurance companies in the world and insures over 18 million drivers. Their discount services are excellent; they offer safe driver discount services to drivers who have had no tickets or accidents for three years with their company. They also provide multi-car insurance discounts which allow customers to combine insurance policies with anyone who resides in their household.
  • CHUBB LTD: An insurance company also famous for its exceptional services, good payout claims, good financial strength which has its headquarters in Zurich Switzerland. Chubb Limited has a mobile estimate app that enables its customers to estimate the damages following an accident. They also provide collector car insurance services, roadside assistance services, and rental reimbursement coverage.
  • AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP: One of the largest insurance companies in the world that provides car protection services. The AIG car insurance division has its headquarters in New York City. The customers have more flexibility to choose the right plan that matches their needs; it provides good auto accident insurance coverage. They also, give road assistance services and offer customers new brands of cars of the same model as their old cars when the old ones get damages from accidents.
  • FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP: It is one of the reputable insurance companies in the US with quality services. This insurance company provides auto insurance services with fast claims payout and good discount offers.
  • NATIONWIDE MUTUAL: This is a widely trusted insurance company whose policy is geared towards providing quality customer services. Nationwide insurance company offers roadside assistance coverage and policies also cover individuals in a customer’s car. They also provide coverage that includes ditch extraction services, duel emergency service, battery jump-start, towing up to 15 miles etc.


In summary, car insurance is a fundamental necessity for all car owners. This can never be overstated, however, finding the right insurance company to insure your car could prove tricky.

There’s a lot to consider while making the decision. In this article, we provide you with a list of the Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in the USA. It’s now left to you to decide which suits your budget and lifestyle.

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