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Facebook Messenger for KidsFacebook is a widely used social media application. It satisfies billions of users all over the world. The social media is a large platform and at the top of the pile is Facebook because various users can easily connect with friends, family and even meet new users who they can share, like tag, comment on each other’s post.

This popular social platform called Facebook also has a messaging feature known as “Facebook Messenger” which allows users to text each other, send photos, videos and other contents.

Facebook Messenger for Kids is a messaging app and platform developed by Facebook in December 2017. This application is a platform which is designed as a safer alternative to the Facebook Messenger platform, so in other words there are certain restrictions and parental control that applies to the Facebook Kids App to enable these young users have a better and more importantly, safe experience.

This App is available on various Operating systems like Android and iOS; it can also be accessed using the computer. The Facebook Messenger for Kids app allows users to register without phone numbers, but only with their first and last names only.

The parents of these young users on to this particular platform have control and oversight pertaining identity verification and approval of contacts.

Facebook Messenger for Kids

Features of Facebook Messenger for Kids

The Facebook Kids app is uniquely suited for the young users which means the application be is absolutely be user-friendly because there are no in-app purchases and advertisement.

These are few features of Facebook Kids App;

  • It is easy to use: the Facebook kid’s app has a really simple interface that allows these young users navigate the created account on their own with ease. The fact that there are no advertisement in this particular platform helps to control what they view.
  • Data effective: Unlike the social media platform itself in the name of Facebook, the Facebook kids app do not contain an advertisement or in-app purchases this means that fewer data would be spent using this platform called the Facebook Kids App. Hence, young users can have a swell time on their accounts at low data cost.
  • User safety: While young users are having fun and interacting with various approved contact, the Facebook Kids app has made the experience of these users a safe one. It has been ensured that safety filters aimed to proactively prevent children from sharing sexual content, or violence; and a dedicated, human support team works to tackle abuse complaints.

Facebook Messenger for Kids App was certified by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Parents or guardians of these young users must specifically download the app onto the user’s device, log in with their account to verify their identity, and create a unique Messenger Kids-account for their child. After doing so, parents have control over who their child talks to (with parents needing to approve new contacts).

How to Create Facebook Kids Messenger

The creation of Facebook kids account on this application is in the control of the user’s parents or guardians. However, unlike the standard version, the Facebook kids app has a strict policy which does not allow the young users/children’s account be visible on Facebook search.

These steps will guide the parents or guardian on how to create a Facebook Kids Account;

  • Download the Messenger Kids app from the App Store or Google Play Store onto the device of the young user.
  • Then, click “Authorize Device.”
  • Parents or guardian should enter their Facebook login information and click “Authorize Device.”
  • Enter the user’s name and click “Continue.”
  • Finally, click “Create Account” then follow the on-screen instructions.


In conclusion, parents can manage their child’s Messenger Kids account using parental controls on Facebook. To access the Messenger Kids parental controls from a computer: Parents are to log into their Facebook account.

From the News Feed, go to the Explore section on the left side of your homepage and click Messenger Kids. This easy process keeps the user’s parent in complete control of who the user gets in contact with either through text messages or video calls.