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Facebook Recommendation is an evolved form of Facebook review systems. Initially, people could review business pages; however, now, these reviews now come in the form of recommendation. The aim is to create a better way for Facebook users to interact with local businesses.

So users can easily find out how good a business is or about how excellent the business is through a friend’s recommendation. This makes the business more trustworthy and reliable than a business the user knows nothing about.

So if you want to check out a salon, make-up shop, retail store, or any business at all, you can simply ask for recommendations from your Facebook friends or family members.

For business owners having your recommended to people means more patronage for your business and more sales for you. People can see your business as a trustworthy platform because friends have recommended it.

Facebook recommendation feature is one of the new changes Facebook made to allow people to connect easily with local businesses online. This feature can become quite useful to your business page and can help improve the reputation of your company.

Facebook Recommendation

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Recommendation?

  • Facebook recommendation is quite beneficial to Facebook business owners, this option allows customers to give their opinions about your business. It also shows whether your business is getting good recommendations, this means more business for you.
  • Facebook recommendation can help you reach a wider customer base since your Facebook page score is reflected at various areas on Facebook such as Facebook map where customers visit to check local businesses they can patronize.
  • When people are discussing your business or searching for your business, they can quickly discover your page’s recommendation, recommendations from your Facebook friends are often the first recommendations Facebook shows to customers. The reviews posted on your page and the recommendations available have a way of creating trust from your customers, prompting them to patronize your business
  • This feature also makes it possible for you to post photos or gifs when recommending a business page to your Facebook friends. You can add text to your photo and post it as a response to your friends; this can help you respond better to your Facebook friend; this feature was not available on the review form.
  • The photo, text, gif, and response you give to a friend when making your recommendation is all present in the recommendation section of the page, and it can boost the business you are recommending.
  • Customers can describe recommendations by choosing a tag which works as a hashtag for the business. The words used as hashtags are generated from past reviews, and they are posted directly on the Facebook page. Ad if they are good recommendations, it means more customers for you as a business owner.
  • Having a high rating score on your page score is important, and the page’s rating score is gotten from reviews and recommendations given by customers about the business pages on Facebook. Having a good rating score can help increase your customer base.

How Do You Recommend a Business on Facebook?

You can help your Facebook friend or family member to boost their business page on Facebook and get more people to patronize their business by recommending their pages.

If you love the services of a particular business, you can suggest these local businesses to your friends on Facebook by recommending it to them.

Initially, Facebook users had the option to write a review about a business on the review form and grade the business with a review score ranging from 1 to 5; this is no longer so.

Now, you have to recommend a business by choosing from two recommendation options which are YES or NO. To recommend a business page on Facebook, just follow these steps:

  • Then select the YES option to recommend the page
  • Then you can write your recommendation of the page; mobile users can upload photos and even add text to explain their recommendation better.
  • You can then choose a specific tag you want that you feel best suits the services of the business, you can tag like Amazing service, great staff, or others.
  • Then click POST
  • You can also recommend a business page by posting great comments on their posts, or you can tag the business page for your friends to see when they ask for recommendations.

How to Turn on Recommendations or Turn off on Your Business Page

Facebook recommendations are effective ways of getting people to patronize local businesses, and it creates connections between Facebook users and local businesses. So users can easily find your business through recommendations, and they can view your friends’ recommendation of your page, which helps to boost their trust in your business.

When your Facebook recommendation is turned on, it enables people to recommend your business, view your page’s rating score and also view recommendations that have been shared with the public. This can help boost the reputation of your business, that is if you have a good recommendation, and it makes it easy for customers to find your page with ease on Facebook.

If you do not want your page’s recommendation details to be visible for people to see, and if you don’t want people to recommend your page easily, you can simply turn the recommendation feature off.


  • Go to your Facebook business page, then locate the SETTINGS at the top of the page and tap it.
  • Click the TEMPLATES AND TABS option at the left column of your page
  • Scroll down the options and click on ADD A TAB
  • Then click ADD TAB next to RECOMMENDATIONS or REVIEWS.


  • Go to the SETTINGS at the top of your page and click on it.
  • Click TEMPLATES AND TABS option
  • Tap to select OFF, then click SAVE.

How to Report a Recommendation?

You can report a recommendation for removal if it does not follow Facebook’s community standards or if it is not directed towards the services or products offered by the business page.

  • Go to the recommendation page you want to report, then click the three dots at the top right corner
  • Then follow the online screen instructions to complete the process.


Facebook recommendation from friends or family members are important especially when you are just starting your business on Facebook; the recommendation can help your business reach the wide customer base on Facebook and create a kind of trust between you and your customers.

Facebook users can easily find your business on Facebook and through specific areas like maps through the recommendations that you have gotten on your business page.

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