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LinkedIn app is a social network that focuses mainly on business connections and helps workers, companies to connect on a professional basis. Companies can share useful info to their employees through this platform and connect with other companies.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform, with over 500 million users. Through this platform, professionals keep in touch with one another; people can check out job opportunities, and companies can share their info as well as hire new applicants.

The platform was initially only available on its website. However, it now has a mobile app that makes it easy for users to stay connected on the platform.

You can access varieties of features with ease and perform a wide range of functions too. Let’s check out some awesome features this mobile app has.

LinkedIn App

Features of LinkedIn Mobile App

Various icons can identify the features on the mobile app; each icon on the front page stands for a specific option.

  • My Network icon allows you to find several connections you have made and allows you to add more people to your connection. This icon allows you to Add Contacts, which allows you to send a massive number of invites to your email list. You can filter the result of your connection by using the first name or surname of the person, or you can add any info about the person you are looking for to find them. Use the search results to find your first degree and second-degree connections to start connecting with people. People, you may know option allows you to find people you may know and connect with them.
  • The Search feature allows you to find people, jobs, companies, and posts that are available on LinkedIn. Just click the search icon and use the necessary keywords needed to find items you are searching for. The search filter helps you narrow down your search and find specific things you are looking for on the platform. There are various categories for you to check out and find items of your choice. You can narrow your job search results using location filter, most recent, Easy apply, Date posted, job type, industry, and others. You can also use the search feature to find companies through the people category; there are filter tools that allow you to find people on the platform. These filter tools include locations, Connections, Schools, Industries, etc.
  • The messaging feature enables you to send messages to your connections. Initially, you could send messages through in mail and view messages by checking Unread, Connections, Archived, and Blocked in a definite Order. However, the chatting interface is now similar to that of Facebook Messenger; users can send messages to each other directly on the platform without having to leave the platform.
  • The Notification feature alerts you about activities happening on your account. The notification features allow you to see what your connections have been doing, you can find out who mentioned you in a post, who liked your post or liked a post that mentions you, who commented on your posts and other activities.
  • Videos contents are now part of LinkedIn; you could only embed videos from other platforms like YouTube to your LinkedIn page. Now you can upload videos directly on LinkedIn through its mobile app. These native videos are created and uploaded on LinkedIn, and it helps people to tell their own story and post it on the platform.
  • Smart replies are templates on the platform that allows users to give quick and smart replies to messages sent to them. These smart replies are not part of every chat, but these three suggested replies can fall into certain chats.
  • LinkedIn also provides its users with more analytics that helps them how many users reacted to their contents. Users can now see people who liked their posts, the companies they belong to, where it is located, where they found your content and much more. This feature can be used effectively by brand owners on the platform to find out how active the pages are on the platform and know more about the companies connecting with them.
  • The trending stories feature presents popular contents online that users on the platform love to talk about. This feature is geared at creating a more interactive users based platform, to create active engagements on the platform. At the top right of your newsfeed, you can see the topics people are talking about and check them out as well. These topics are often compiled by more than 20 editors who are mostly business journalists or former business journalists, and with the use of LinkedIn’s algorithm, Specific trends that apply to users’ interest on the platform are presented.

Other features make this mobile app an interesting one, but these are the major basic ones you need to know about.

How to Download LinkedIn App on Android

You can enjoy this amazing app on your android device, if you wish to connect to your business colleagues, chat with other business owners that have similar interests or discuss business ideas, then you should use this app.

LinkedIn App

Follow these steps to download the LinkedIn app for Android devices:

  • Tap to open your Google play store on your Android device
  • Click the Search Icon on the app and type in the keywords for the app you are searching for.
  • Tap the LinkedIn icon when you find it
  • Finally, click on INSTALL and ACCEPT to install the app on your device.
  • And that’s all; you can start enjoying the mobile LinkedIn experience.

How to Download LinkedIn App on IOS

You can also download and enjoy this awesome app on your iPhone, iPad, and any other iOS device. Once you download the app and log in your account, you can now access your connections on a professional level. Just follow these steps to download the app for your IOS device:

  • Go to your iTunes account to download the app
  • Click the SEARCH icon the iTunes Appstore
  • Enter the keywords for the app you are searching for, simply type LinkedIn
  • Tap the GET and INSTALL option to download the app to your device
  • Then enter your iTunes password to complete the process.
  • And you can now enjoy your app and stay connected to your business connections.

How to Download LinkedIn App for Your Computer

If you are using Microsoft’s Windows 10 system, you can now manage and enjoy your LinkedIn account on your desktop. The desktop app is available for download, just follow these steps to download the app on your computer:

  • Go to the Windows App store
  • Tap the search bar at the top of the page and enter LINKEDIN to find the app on the App Store.
  • Download the app by clicking the GET THE APP option. To find out more details about your download, you can click SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.
  • Once the download is done, you can start your LinkedIn app from the Start Menu.

The LinkedIn app makes connecting with other professionals easy and simple. You can now enjoy the mobile app features by downloading them on your mobile device and your desktop device

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