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How to Make Money on YouTube | Earn Money from YouTube by Uploading Videos

It’s no longer news that lots of online users have become rich on YouTube, of course you probably know about celebrities making money on YouTube but do you know regular people do too? Over billions of internet users use YouTube for a whole lot of video upload and viewing, it is one of the biggest video sharing website, and Google powers it. It’s platform basically for viewing videos and downloading videos.

You can find out a lot about a certain topic by typing it on the YouTube search bar; it can show you trending news, trending videos, educational videos, movie clips, and downloads.

But do you know people who post such videos and get a million views are making money from such videos? If only you can channel the energy and time you spend in watching such videos in to making your own videos and uploading them, you can make a whole lot of money on YouTube. You can create a YouTube channel, monetize YouTube videos, and start making money quickly on the platform, but how do you go about it?

Billions of YouTube videos are being watched by internet users all over the world; of course, YouTube is an exciting place to visit with endless videos to watch for entertainment or for educational purposes.

But people are making money off these YouTube video views and you can too. The videos being consumed by these viewers, or the contents that make money on YouTube are high-quality contents which are not made by amateur filmmakers or just any kind of person, so you need to bear this in mind.

Before you set out to monetize YouTube videos, you need to ask yourself if you can really make contents people will like to watch, high-quality contents can even get you connected to companies who would love to pay you to advertise their content.

You have to ask yourself some questions before setting out to make money on YouTube. First, you need to ask yourself your purpose of setting up a YouTube channel, do you want to advertise your own products? Or do you want to advertise for others or partner with YouTube? When you can answer these questions, then you are ready to start making money on YouTube.

Make Money on YouTube

Make Money on YouTube as an Advertiser

Billions of people are making money on YouTube by advertising their own products; if you have chosen to do so, then you need to pay YouTube for Bumbers or Trueviews ads to get your videos to your target audience.

To advertise your own products, you need to connect with hosts and successful YouTubers to host your contents to the audience similar to yours. You will need to pay these brands or successful YouTube channels for video slots to get your ads across to your potential buyers.

You can pay for Bumper ads, or True views to get your video ads across to your potential audience. Advertise your contents on your YouTube channel and get as many followers and subscribers as possible to keep increasing your views. When you have enough views, you can get paid by YouTube.

Make Money on YouTube as an Advertising Platform

If you don’t have your own products to advertise or if you just wish to advertise other products on your YouTube channel, this is another good way to make money on YouTube.

This means you get paid to advertise other products, and you can even partner with YouTube and get paid for it. Becoming a YouTube partner means your channel becomes a platform for showcasing adverts made and paid by other YouTubers.

This means your channel needs to be a very successful one to help others reach their target audience in return for the money they pay. To become a YouTube partner, your channel must have reached 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Now, you need to build up your YouTube channel to reach a certain level, apply for the program, and wait for YouTube’s acceptance mail.

Another way you can make money by being an advertising platform is through affiliate marketing. You can post videos of popular brands and companies to promote it better to its target audience. Now, you can make money from any sale the company makes from links in your video posts.

You can join affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate program and earn money from helping them market their products on YouTube. There are lots of affiliate marketers making money YouTube by referring people to certain brands & products, and you can be one of such people.

If you intend to use YouTube to make money, there are important aspects you need to pay close attention to.

Steps to Making Money on YouTube

Before you can start talking about making money on YouTube, you need first to take these steps.

  • First, you need to set up your YouTube channel. If you intend to make money on YouTube, you need to have YouTube presence & you can get this through your YouTube channel. Through your channel, you advertise your own products as well as that of others. Create your YouTube account through your Google account; you can either create a new account or use the existing one. Just use a good username, which will be both original and easy for your subscribers to remember.
  • Start uploading high-quality contents on your channel once it is already set up. Adding high-quality contents helps build your channel and means you are on your way to become successful YouTuber. Upload videos consistently and use tags to drive people to your videos through YouTube search.
  • You need to build an audience for your YouTube videos; if you don’t have people watching your videos, then you are wasting a whole lot of time. You can share your videos to other social media platforms to get subscribers and post high-quality contents that will keep them interested in your channel. Building your audience also means interacting and responding to your subscribers from time to time. It might not be easy at first, but with time and consistency, your audience will definitely grow.
  • Now when you have built your YouTube channel and have a presence on YouTube, you should monetize your videos. YouTube can place ads in videos, and you can make money from it, or you can help other companies and brands advertise their products & brands to subscribers. To have a YouTube presence, you need to meet certain requirements like reaching 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Then you can start making money from your YouTube videos with ease.
  • You can also set up Google AdSense and make money per ad click. Signing up for Google AdSense is free, and you can earn money per ad click.
  • Use the Analytic option on your channel menu to find out if your videos are performing well. Analytic options help you see estimated earnings, ad performance, demographic, and video views. This way, you will get to know if you are making progress, know the kind of videos your subscribers like and make some adjustments.


You can make money on YouTube, millions of people are making money through their YouTube channels, and you just need to take these steps we have shown you to get started on making money on YouTube. You can choose to be an advertiser for your own products, or you can make money by advertising other’s products or being a YouTube partner.

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