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Facebook Ad Cost – Facebook has billions of users patronizing it all over the world, which makes a very powerful platform for online Marketing.

And lots of advertisers have realized that the best way to reach this large number of people on Facebook is through a Facebook ad.

Facebook ad is considered the best marketing tool on the platform, and it has helped in growing customer base for lots of businesses.

However, Facebook ads are not for free; yes, Facebook ads are paid for by advertisers. Well, if you are looking to promote your business on Facebook using Facebook ads, then you need to know how much Facebook ads will cost you.

Facebook Ad Cost

How Much Does Facebook Ad Cost

  • Facebook advertisers get to set the price for Facebook ad depending on how long they intend to run the ad. You have to pay close attention to aspects like ad objective, conversions, and impressions when determining how much you are willing to pay for the ad.
  • But let us not forget the Facebook auction system, which plays a major role in determining Facebook ad cost. The auction system weighs the Bidding price you set, Ad quality and relevance and estimated action rate before deciding your ad Cost. If your ad campaign meets Facebook auction system requirement, this means a reduction in ad cost for you.
  • But you pay higher when you produce low-quality ad contents for Facebook to run on the platform. You get to choose the bidding price for the Facebook ad. However, when you fail to do this, Facebook will calculate bidding price for you using your the ad budget you have already set.
  • Certain researchers have also come up with their own conclusions on how much Facebook ads cost. According to them, the Facebook ad can cost averagely about $0.27 per click if you want to measure Facebook ad costs per click, but if you measure cost per thousand impressions, Facebook ads cost about $7.19. Monthly Facebook ad cost for small businesses can reach up to $500 to $1,500 per month, but there isn’t really any minimum monthly Facebook ad cost. However, there are specific factors which determine how much Facebook ad cost so you can’t really say specifically how much Facebook ad costs.
  • The Facebook auction system is one of these important factors; your Facebook budget and Facebook schedule also determine how much your Facebook ad campaign would cost. Once you know how Facebook auction system works, this will help you know how much your ads are likely to cost. Facebook chooses the highest bidder for its ad considering advertiser’s bidding price, ad quality, and relevance to the target audience. They also the estimate action rates your ads will get. If you can meet these requirements, your ad cost would be lower than that of those who did not meet the requirements. Factors that influence the cost of Facebook ads include Audience, Bid, Competition, Ad objective, Ad placement, and Ad quality, so Facebook ad cost varies depending on these factors.

Do Facebook Ads Work?

Business owners who wish to go into marketing on Facebook using Facebook ads keep wondering if these ads really work.

Facebook ads help promote your business and help you reach your target audience. Facebook helps businesses reach users who are likely to patronize their business.

Facebook ad helps in expanding your business and increasing your customer base. It’s not just Pay to play like some individuals believe it to be.

These users which Facebook targets your ad campaign to are people who have an interest in your brand, and they also act as potential customers.


In summary, lots of researches carried out by advertisers about the effect of Facebook ads on its customers have proven to a large extent that Facebook ads actually work.

However, you have a part to play as an advertiser; you have to understand your audience and know the kind of contents you show to them. You have to outline your objective for the ad campaign and also determine the best type of ad for your ad campaign.

Finally, it is important to use Facebook ads if you intend to reach your target audience and expand your business online.

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