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Facebook Selling App | Link Shopify App to Your Facebook Business Page | Facebook Marketing App Shopify

Facebook Selling App – Lots of business owners have realized how powerful Facebook is as an online marketing platform, even when they have other e-marketing platforms, they try to connect it to Facebook.

There are lots of apps business owners can now use to promote their products online, but it is important to connect these apps to Facebook for the better advertisement of products.

However, amongst these selling apps, Shopify seems to be one of the most popular platforms connected to Facebook.

Shopify app is used in e-marketing of products, but the awesome part is that you can promote your Shopify products on Facebook too.

However, you can only do so when you have a Facebook business page; then you can sell your Shopify products on your business page.

However, you have to ensure you have not already set up a Facebook store if you have the products on your Facebook store will be automatically removed and replaced with your Shopify products.

Once, you have connected Shopify to your Facebook business page; you can start promoting products on Facebook and have more customers patronizing your Shopify products.

Facebook Selling App

How to Link Shopify App to Your Facebook Business Page

To promote and sell Shopify products on Facebook, you need to have a business page. Now all you have to do next is link Shopify to Facebook.

However, you need a Facebook sales channel which would enable you to link Shopify to your Facebook page.

Once your store has been approved by Facebook, and you have added your sales channel, you can then connect Shopify to your business page.

To link Shopify to your business page, follow these steps:

  • Click STORE on your Shopify app
  • To proceed, select the plus icon next to the Sales Channels in the Shopify admin
  • Then tap FACEBOOK from the ADD SALES CHANNEL
  • Then select ADD FACEBOOK
  • After that then connect the Facebook account you want by going to Facebook, then Account
  • Next step, tap CONNECT ACCOUNT
  • To connect Shopify to your Facebook business page, you need to log into your Facebook account or confirm that you are using the right Facebook if you are already logged in.
  • You can then connect Shopify to the Facebook business page by following the prompts on the LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK dialog.
  • Also, you have to bear in mind that your Facebook sales channel must be approved by Facebook before you can start using it to sell your Shopify products.
  • From the Account Page on your Facebook sales channel, you can switch from one account to another, and you can access through Shopify admin.
  • Now, proceed to review Facebook’s commerce merchant agreement to enable you to start selling through Facebook sales channel.
  • Finally, your Shopify is connected to your Facebook business page; you can start advertising your product on the platform and making sales too.

How to Remove Shopify Link to Facebook Business Page

 If you no longer feel like selling or promoting your Shopify products through Facebook business page, you can always disconnect your Shopify app from your Facebook.

The sales channel connects Shopify to your Facebook page so you can disconnect your Shopify app from your Facebook business page by removing the Facebook sales channel.

Follow these steps to get it done:

  • Go to STORE from your Shopify app, then click on SETTINGS
  • Then click the trash can button close to FACEBOOK option
  • And finally, click REMOVE to conclude the process.


In summary, lots of business owners who use various e-marketing platforms always look for ways to connect them to Facebook to promote their products better and reach their target audience.

Connecting Shopify to Facebook makes it easier for you to sell Shopify products on Facebook, and it is also a faster means of reaching your target audience.

So, do not miss out on this great opportunity to boost your business on one of the largest e-marketing platforms, get Facebook Selling App now.

Once you follow the steps we’ve shown you, you can link and unlink your Shopify app to your Facebook business page whenever you like.

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