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Selling Via Facebook | Selling through Facebook Messenger | Facebook Marketplace Near me

Selling Via Facebook – Facebook is fast becoming one of the largest online marketing platforms, which makes it an excellent platform for selling varieties of items.

You can sell all types of items on Facebook except, of course, illegal products, political products, and drugs. If you are a business owner seeking for the right platform to promote your business products and reach your target audience, Facebook is the platform you should be looking for.

Facebook it’s not just for a business owner, individual sellers who wish to sell used or personal items can also do so on Facebook.

So, Facebook is not just considered one of the most popular social media platforms but also one of the largest e-commerce platforms and you can take advantage of this to grow your business and sell varieties of items.

There are various channels available on Facebook to sell items with ease and for free. The marketplace feature is one of these platforms, and on the marketplace, you can sell items to people in your location conveniently on your Facebook app.

Selling Via Facebook

Facebook store is another channel through buying and selling can be carried out on Facebook. However, Facebook store is specifically for users who have business pages already.

With a Facebook business page, business owners have a great opportunity to sell their products through the Facebook store.

How to Sell On the Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a convenient place where you can sell items to people in your location; you can post listings of your items for buyers to see and purchase.

Just follow these steps to sell on marketplace:

  • Click the MARKETPLACE ICON on Facebook app
  • Click on SELL on marketplace, then choose clear photos of the items you wish to sell from your camera roll.
  • Properly label the items you’ll be selling on the marketplace via the ‘WHAT ARE YOU SELLING page’ option.
  • Describe the items you are selling; by adding important details like size, color, model, and all the necessary info customers need to know about the item.
  • Set the correct prices of all the items you want to sell.
  • Next, select the Zip code of your location to make it easy for buyers within your locality to access your marketplace page.
  • Select the category your products fall into on marketplace list of categories
  • Once you finish up with the listing of your items, it will be visible for buyers on the Facebook marketplace.
  • You can access the management area by clicking on YOUR ITEMS option, you can manage the sale of your items from there, you receive messages from customers here, and you can reply to them too.

Selling Via Facebook Store

  • To start selling via Facebook, navigate to the Facebook business page, and access the admin panel.
  • Locate the shop which you can access by default as the business page owner or admin.
  • Click on the shop icon and activate the shop icon.
  • To activate it Go to SETTINGS, then TEMPLATES and TABS, find the current Template area and click on the edit button, then apply the shop template from there. Then you are done, and the shop is activated.
  • And once activated, click on the shop tab, read the info on the pop up to gain some info about the process you are about to go through, then click the GET STARTED button.
  • Enter required business info in the right field, then click NEXT.
  • Add info about the state you do your business and tax registration number. 
  • To receive payments from Facebook, input the currency you would like to get paid in and your email address.
  • Click on the SETUP PAYMENT button to set up payment details to publish your shop. You are expected to enter important info like your tax details, accurate business name, employer identification number, and your legal name. Preview the details you have entered before Clicking on the SAVE button.
  • Now to proceed, link your bank to your Facebook store by inputting your bank details like the routing number, account number, and account name.
  • Then, set up your shipping options and your return policy and customer service email on the SET YOUR PREFERENCES step, and then click FINISH to conclude the process.
  • Once you are done setting up your store, you can then add products by clicking the ADD button, you can add products manually, or you can use e-commerce/ inventory.
  • Add listings of products on Facebook containing useful info about the items you are selling like price, descriptions, and more.
  • To promote your business better and reach a wider customer base, you can use Facebook ads.
  • Finally, keep posting engaging contents to attract more customers, maintain a good relationship with your customers to ensure their loyalty to your brand.


In summary, you can now sell varieties of items via the Facebook store. So whether you are a small business owner, individual sellers or an accomplished business owner you can take advantage of this platform to reach your target audience and make more sales.

Gone are those days when Facebook was just for fun; now, it is much more than that; it is one of the largest e-commerce platforms. So while on Facebook, you can do much more like selling varieties of items for profit.

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